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More Women Accuse Neil deGrasse Tyson of Sexual Misconduct

A mere three weeks ago I pointed out a splendid example of intellectual inconsistency among the internet atheists, especially PZ Myers: while they were eager to embrace the allegations of Christian Blasey Ford with very little evidence, they dismissed Tchiya … Continue reading

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Andrea Long Chu is a transgender who recently wrote an essay for the NYT  entitled, My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy. In the essay, we find the following: Next Thursday, I will get a vagina. The procedure will last … Continue reading

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Bill Nye’s Pseudoscientific ‘Abacus of Sex’

Here’s a video from a year ago of Bill Nye peddling social justice ideology as science: At about 30 seconds into the video, he tells his audience that we” used to think” there were only two settings – male and … Continue reading

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Losing the Donors

I should have brought this up when I provided my “year in review” analysis of New Atheism.  But for those who may still have lingering doubts about the demise of the New Atheist movement, check out this video of atheist … Continue reading

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Here in the USA, we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a good idea to set aside some time to be thankful, as gratitude is an admirable trait.  For me, a state of gratitude allows one to recognize a … Continue reading

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One Thing Leads to Another

Spirit of the age….. Lying about your age on dating websites is usually considered a bit of a faux pas. Now a 69-year-old Dutchman wants the courts to make him officially 20 years younger, likening the change to identifying as … Continue reading

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New Atheism in Active Decay

Over the years, we have followed the rise, decline, and finally the death of the New Atheist movement. At this point it time, it mostly a matter of studying the decomposition of New Atheism’s corpse. It seems we have now … Continue reading

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There is a core hypocrisy and double standard embedded within transgender activism that needs to be more thoroughly explored.  It can be found in the following excerpt about the attacks on student Senator Isabella Chow at UC Berkeley: At Wednesday … Continue reading

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Regan Putnam’s Dishonest Spin About Isabella Chow

Regan Putnam is the president of the Queer Alliance Resource Center, the student activist group that has helped to coordinate the witch hunt against student senator Isabella Chow at UC Berkeley. In the article from the San Francisco Chronicle, Putnam … Continue reading

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Rough Day for the New Atheists

It’s been a bad day for what’s left of New Atheism. To start, Pangburn Philosophy is throwing in the towel.  If you have never heard of Pangburn Philosophy, it’s basically this New Atheist Travis Pangburn, some guy  who was somehow … Continue reading

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