Social Justice Rhetoric – Another example of wild-eyed extremism

Here is a link to a public township meeting video from Canada.

Starting at about 55 seconds in, you can watch a transgender activist give a short speech that drips with the over-the-top extremism.  Here’s the relevant excerpt:

The city can also liaise with the RCMP to ensure hate crimes and homophobia related discrimination and harassment are effectively identified and prosecuted. For example, in the news recently, a trans-exclusionary radical feminist named Meghan Murphy violated the Canadian Criminal Code by inciting hate against the LGBTQ and trans community, stating, “Men are not women and trans women are not women.” In doing this… inciting this speech, I personally got her twitter account suspended, which got a lot of (pause) attention, ah, haha, and created global outcry for feminist rights and created global policy changes for social networks such as twitter and wordpress, um, and such.

However, Meghan Murphy, a Vancouver resident, still has not been prosecuted by VPD for her hate crimes. In the meantime, she has booked a hate rally at the VPL geared toward hate and transphobia.

First of all, note what is supposed to qualify as “hate speech” – “Men are not women and trans women are not women.”  Next thing you know, 2+2 =4 will be deemed hate speech by the postmodernists.

And the consequences for publicly observing reality?  She needs to be “prosecuted.”  Throw her in jail.

In the meantime, she’s “booked a hate rally.”  But in reality, she’s giving a talk at a public library.

Keep in mind that if the social activists got their way, all of this trans extremism would be mainstreamed.  If you gave a small, public talk that argued men are not women, you would be accused of spreading hate speech at a hate rally and prosecuted.  Social justice ideology so easily and quickly blends into totalitarianism.

There are many lessons here, but I’ll just go for the low hanging fruit.

  1. It would be dangerous for us all to mainstream such wild-eyed, melodramatic extremism.
  2. This is a good reason to be very skeptical of “hate speech” legislation. Such legislation might be sold and implemented on the basis of some legitimate concerns, but it will quickly morph into a weapon to be used by every social justice fringe brigade to carry out their own notions of “justice.”
  3. I can’t escape the irony of hearing, for years, how it was the Christian fundamentalists who were going to use the state to impose their morality and censor contrary views. In reality, it’s the social justice crowd (many of them atheists and pagans) who wish to use the power of the state to impose their morality on us all, even to the point of draconian censorship. Someone really needs to rewrite and reboot “The Handmaiden’s Tale” to reflect a more likely dystopia.
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5 Responses to Social Justice Rhetoric – Another example of wild-eyed extremism

  1. nsr says:

    Out of curiosity, are there any relatively mainstream works of fiction (printed or televised) out there where atheists are the bad guys? Religious people always seem to be portrayed as either evil theocratic bigots or politically correct “we know it isn’t true but it brings out good in people” non-believers.

  2. Kevin says:


    Dean Koontz has such a character in his Frankenstein series. That’s the only example I can recall, and I’ve read lots of books.

  3. GWF says:

    I have been thinking about and discussing with my friends your point #3 for a while now. These people have turned into neo-Puritans; having taken upon themselves to control the thought and action of others by “law”.

  4. TFBW says:

    Someone really needs to rewrite and reboot “The Handmaiden’s Tale” to reflect a more likely dystopia.

    The entire thing would be banned as hateful and incitement, and everybody within three degrees of association with it would never get a job in the entertainment industry again. And then if you tried to make a documentary about that real-life drama, it would suffer a similar fate.

  5. Dhay says:

    > “Men are not women and trans women are not women.”

    In toilets, changing rooms and showers there’s indecent exposure and rape issues.

    In sport there’s the unfairness of competing a man’s physiology against a woman’s. On a world stage, in a world which mostly has non-Canadian (etc) cultural norms and values, a Trans woman winning a women’s race will be met with howls for reform. So I predict the next Olympic Games but one will be a watershed, with Trans men and Trans women competing against their respective Trans peers in new categories separate from the existing ones — an extension of the idea of having a separate Olympics for disabled people.

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