One Story the Friendly Atheist Won’t Touch

Over a year ago, I highlighted the propagandistic essence of anti-religious blogs like The Friendly Atheist.

In other words, employ the propagandistic technique of cherry picking, which is not hard to do thanks to the internet’s ability to record every infraction or outrageous claim that occurs around the entire globe.

Mehta and his team of propagandists, of course, rely heavily on this technique as fodder for their popular activist atheist blog deceptively named, “The Friendly Atheist.”

I then noted,

To help us all understand how this propagandistic cherry picking works, imagine if this atheist activist approach was used against another large group of people – educators.What if I were to create a blog that sought to demonize educators?  Let’s call it, “Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!”  Would it be hard to follow Mehta’s advice and regularly find stories that put teachers in a bad light?  Not at all. 

And then easily illustrated my point.

Of course, I could have continued to illustrate that same point again and again over the many months that followed my blog entry.

For example, just recently a teacher was arrested for trying to traffick a minor child to multiple men online in Morocco.

According to the affidavit obtained by KWTX, at her home Nov. 19, Parker initiated a 3-way message on Facebook with two men from Morocco and sent them a photograph of the victim in lingerie, telling one of the men “She (the victim) wants to peel your uniform off of you, cuff you, and lick your abs.”

“Parker begins to discuss with the two men flying to the United States to visit, and engage in sexual intercourse with both her and the victim,” the affidavit states. “During the conversation, the males are trying to have both Parker and the victim travel to Casablanca, Morocco to engage in sexual acts, after Parker indicates to the men that the victim is a virgin, and provides her age.”

The document goes on to say, discussions of sexual acts and traveling to the area to perform them continue, and during an interview with law enforcement, the victim says Parker was taking the photos being sent and was “telling her the positions to be in, what to expose, and how to take the photographs to keep the male interested in her.”

Yet the story gets even more bizarre, as the teacher was a witch:

“Mr. Parked explained that at some point during the year his wife had created an anonymous Facebook page to where she could secretly communicate with strange men associated with the Wicca organization,” the document reads. “During the year his wife had left to go to Louisiana to meet with her healer and again to Waco to meet with someone in her group.”

KWTX investigative reporter Rissa Shaw found the fake profile named “Zhoe Singer,” which law enforcement agreed belongs to Parker.

One of the photos reads, “Don’t try to figure me out I’m a special kind of twisted.”

Another says, “As a witch I have 3 sides – the quiet and sweet side, the fun and crazy side, and the side you never want to see.”

A third states, “I just want to be happy and have wild crazy sex with someone that likes me.”

“Witch: I will light your way in your hour of need. You betray me; I will bury you in darkness!” a fourth photo reads.

You can see the public face of her FB page here.

Look, if the teacher was a fundamentalist Christian, we all know that the Friendly Atheist would have posted about this.  But because the teacher was a Wiccan, the Friendly Atheist ignored it.  Which makes sense given the growing number of atheists who are into things like satanism and witchcraft. 😉


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4 Responses to One Story the Friendly Atheist Won’t Touch

  1. Dhay says:

    KWTX article > The [school] district initially placed her on leave, but [school Superintendent] DuBus said Parker officially resigned from her position Thursday.

    She’s not intending to contest the charges, then.

  2. Dhay says:

    KWTX article > Youssef Derkhi said in a Facebook post under the name YRider Joe. “…she came to Morocco for love, not for (Selling her child into human trafficking).”

    Not the child, it’s her. From that and other indications I’d say the child’s probably her daughter.


    I fancy there’s people who would spin this as, “In Trump’s America teachers are so low-paid this teacher was forced to sell her child’s virginity.”

    Though it looks like the alleged sugar-daddy was wealthy.


    The The Satanic Temple’s founder, leader and spokesman, ‘Lucien Greaves’, is a campaigner against Satanists being accused of satanic abuse. I hope that satanic abuse is as rare as he would like to claim. I know there were wild claims of satanic abuse made in the UK some decades ago, claims unsubstantiated on Police (criminal law standard) and Social Services (civil law standard) investigation.

    Here, the sexual abuse of a minor is associated with a Wiccan actively practicing (or claiming to practice) both benevolent magic and malevolent magic. (“I will light your way … bury you in darkness!”)

    Although the The Satanic Temple claims to be thoroughly atheistic and non-supernatural in its tenets, if they want to be seen to properly disassociate themselves from Wicca, malevolent magic and what is usually called ‘satanic abuse’ by practitioners of black magic, they are going to have to stop their own parallel black magic practices of Black Masses, hexes and sigils.

    The disassociation is going to continue to be unconvincing until they do.

  3. Dhay says:

    I find that “Don’t try to figure me out I’m a special kind of twisted” and “I have 3 sides – the quiet and sweet side, the fun and crazy side, and the side you never want to see” are memes, memes established enough you can buy the worded T-shirts.

  4. Ilíon says:

    Of course they’re memes … and they and their like appeal to a very broad cross-section of modern-day women (and womanly men), the sort with their minds stuck in junior high school.

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