Has Extraterrestrial Intelligence Been Discovered?

From this article:

jareth-nebula-frontal-hoodie-featuredJareth Nebula might live on earth but he firmly believes he belongs on another planet.

The 33-year-old, who was born a woman but transitioned to become a man when he was 29, now believes he doesn’t fit into any human gender and is, in fact, an alien .

The barber’s shop receptionist has even had his nipples removed and shaves his eyebrows to “make him feel less human”.

So is Jareth really an alien?  If so, this would establish this existence of ETI.  Looks to me look social justice advocates have a real philosophical dilemma here.  Either they don’t validate Jareth’s self-indentification by not agreeing Jareth is an alien, or they out themselves as a group of people who think aliens are among us.  So which is it?

Jareth offers some alien words of wisdom:

“Who is anyone to tell you who you can or can’t be? If someone wants to identify as anything, even an animal, let them.”

Ah, postmodernism in all its glory.  Look, if Jareth wants to identfy as an alien, it makes no difference to me.  The problem comes when Jareth tries to ram her beliefs down our throats and demands that we all agree Jareth is an alien.  Her logic is: If someone wants to identify as anything, even an animal, you must agree.  Yet I would reply: Who is anyone to tell you what you have to believe and think?


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3 Responses to Has Extraterrestrial Intelligence Been Discovered?

  1. nsr says:

    Would social justice advocates support me if I decided that I identify as my next-door neighbour, and moved myself into his house and claimed all of his stuff as my own?

  2. stcordova says:

    Jareth’s desire to be of another world is a perversion of a noble desire to be part of a different realm than this cursed world. Jesus said: “I am not of this world” and Jesus says of his disciples, “they are in this world but not of this world.”

    The difference between Jareth and Jesus is that Jesus changed the world, and miracles granted in his name. One man who did walk on the Moon, Astronaut Charles Duke, prayed in Jesus name for a blind girl, and her sight was restored.

  3. hikayamasan353 says:

    I think there’s something rather psychic here. Like, if ETI and psi really exists, sometimes people get their identity mismatching their biology spontaneously – and nobody can explain this. Is this really channeling? Or if no, then is this some personal whim or such? So yeah…

    And even then, the point that our identity should always match our biology seems to be very compatible not just with religious ultra-conservatism, but also with New Atheism or materialism. Because, we should base everything – even what we identify as – on evidence. This totally rules out not just transgenderism/trans-speciesism but also even dyeing hair, wearing wigs, wearing makeup, contact lenses, piercing, tattoos, body paint, body modification etc. This very same set is what ultra-conservative Muslims (Wahhabis) forbid. However, Wahhabis say this is a God’s word, while New Atheist might say this is because of reason and evidence. Any word on this?

    Yet, New Atheists have been sympathetic to LGBT people and people with “unnatural” appearance (makeup artists etc) being persecuted by religious ultra-conservative communities. Why? Because they’re antireligious. They care about it only if someone is a victim of religious persecution.

    Why then they don’t treat transgender people, therians/otherkins, or just people who alter their appearance so it mismatches their “natural” one, as religious people?

    It’s the question I don’t know how to answer.

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