Secular Faith

In the following video, AOC outlines her vision of the future – an example of naive, wishful thinking.  A wondrous future (that she, of course, helped to usher in) where ex-oil workers disassemble pipe lines for the “same pay and benefits” they always received, all under the helpful guidance of Native Americans:

This is an obvious example of propaganda, yet many Nones buy into it.  Why?  Could it be that Nones have replaced a faith in God with a blind faith in human leaders?  After all, what AOC is selling can only be purchased with emotion and blind faith.  She responds to skepticism, rooted in the real world, with a slogan – “We can be whatever we have the courage to see.”  The faith is not only blind; it is incredibly dangerous and destructive.

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10 Responses to Secular Faith

  1. Pennywit says:

    This vision of the future assumes that people are generous at heart and empathetic. I don’t see that in the current political climate.

  2. Pennywit says:

    There is also something of a racist tinge to the assumption regarding Native Americans. Native Americans are not solemn protectors of the environment here to educate white people and others. Native Americans, individually and collectively, are people, with their own problems, aspirations, and political priorities.

  3. TFBW says:

    If people were uniformly generous, kind, and considerate, there wouldn’t be any need for government.

  4. nsr says:

    I am no economist but surely a person’s job has to produce something that people want in order for someone to be willing to pay them for it.

    As far as I know there isn’t a bottomless bit of money just sitting around to pay people for doing good deeds.

  5. TFBW says:

    So I watched it.


    Socialist Utopianism is never going to die, no matter how many hundreds of millions of bodies we pile up in the attempt to get there. These people believe more in the reality of their dreams than the reality of the blood-soaked history of people attempting to implement those dreams before them. They assume without question that their own feelings of good intent will result in good outcomes. And if they don’t learn from past experience, what’s to stop it happening again and again?

    The 21st century is going to be much worse than the 20th. Give it time.

  6. Michael says:

    These people believe more in the reality of their dreams than the reality of the blood-soaked history of people attempting to implement those dreams before them.

    And it doesn’t need a look at history, as current events will do. Just look what happened to the people of Venezuela.

    I’m beginning to think those who peddle Socialist Utopianism are not true believers. Maybe they are more like con men. They know it’s all bullshit, but they also know they can sell it to acquire what they truly want……power.

  7. TFBW says:

    I’m sure that some are in it for the power, but I fear that most believers are true believers. I suspect that the dynamic is a lot like a cult (or just a religion): the higher up in the power hierarchy you go, the more likely you find cynics who are just in it for the power, but the rank and file really do believe.

  8. stcordova says:

    An historical model of people at the top of a socialist scheme knowing what they were saying BS were the National Socialists of Germany (aka Nazi’s). Goebbels knew the propaganda he was spewing was BS. Goebbels manufactured fake hate crime stories to motivate German troops to invade Poland when most of Germany was sick of war from the first World War.

    In the New Testament, false religions were considered demonically inspired. It’s my personal opinion, there are evil spirits motivating people to love lies that somewhere in their heart they know are really lies. But a lie of their own making is like a movie we know is not reality — it’s seductive to believe it and live in the lie, even though on some level they know it’s only a delusion they willfully accept as real. I have no problem watching fiction, but I have to turn it off when the story ends! Some people just live out the theater all their lives. Reality is too painful for them to accept. That’s understandable. I don’t quarrel with that until they want to impose their delusional thinking on me…

  9. stcordova says:

    I think the necessity of perpetuating self-imposed delusions is one of the motivations for “safe spaces” where people don’t have to be confronted with inconvenient facts.

  10. Dhay says:

    There’s a maxim I’ve come across that says: if you have no choice (or course of action) you are dead; if you have one, you are stuck; if you have two, you have a dilemma; three, a trilemma; and that for genuine choice you need a range of options to choose between.


    I applaud Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (henceforth AOC) for producing this video of her vision. Unless you want everything kept as it is — and even Conservatives want “Woke” culture (and a range of other unpalatable modern features) pushed back at, changed back from, and will choose the Parties and policies and people who will effect that — unless you want everything kept as it is you need to choose the changes you want; and to be able to effect those changes you first need to be able to envision what you want. Donald Trump sold his own vision very effectively in his election campaign, a ‘Make America Great Again’ vision which was partly vague, partly very specific, and which promised significant changes.

    AOC’s vision is probably unrealisable, but if her vision is not formulated and presented as a choice to be chosen or rejected the vision cannot be realised, it was never even a vision.

    Quite probably it is not conceived as something that is realisable; but by presenting something so far-out AOC moves the Overton Window in that direction, so that what would before have seemed wildly beyond consideration by a sensible person henceforth seems much more moderate and acceptable by comparison.

    Returning to the beginning, what’s desirable is more visions, more choices to decide between, not just the two visions of Trump and AOC or the non-vision of everything bumbling along as before.


    I was amused by AOC’s vision that the likes of Nathan Phillips would be expert advisors on protecting the environment. Does a refrigeration technician really count as one such. If not, then who — where are the Navaho senior climate scientists, the Inuit entomologists, and so on, where is the Tribal genuine expertise?

    Is science (and even the ‘Science’ part of ‘Science and Reason’) to be abandoned in favour of vaguely-remembered ‘wisdom’ passed down via Native Elders such as Nathan Phillips? It’s been a long time since many and most Tribes were displaced from those lands where they had learned the skills they once had. My own ancestors at the time were probably farm workers, some of them, iron foundry workers some others; but if you come to me for advice on what, where and when to plant, or how to make a better or cheaper ingot, you are utterly wasting your time; my ancestral knowledge died with the ancestors who had it and had used it: “Use it or lose it.”

    Native Americans have a reputation for having lived in balance with their environment, but what use nowadays are experts in hunting buffalo, or in managing forests to maximise opportunities to hunt deer and other game? Do they still know how to to this, and what value is it — managing a forest in the interests of deer and game produces an environment as artificial and as harmful to the interests of non-favoured plants and creatures as a grouse moor is.


    I note that Naomi Klein was involved in making the video. Klein’s books include The Shock Doctrine, one prominent thesis of which is that there are people (and the companies they control) who seize with delight upon economic problems, wars, hurricanes and other natural disasters — and presumably in future any Global Warming disaster (or fear thereof) — an an opportunity to make a financial killing. You can be sure that countering Global Warming will be monetarised for profit — including lobbyists, vested interests, etc — just as much as opposing it is. It will be the dawn of a bright new profit.

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