Atheist Embraces Violence

A few weeks ago, I noticed atheist actvist PZ Myers continued to expand upon his embrace of violence. AS we have seen before, Myers is a champion of the notion that one should “punch a Nazi.” It’s a morally and intellectually bankrupt idea as there is nothing to restrain an atheist such a Myers from expanding his list of targets from “Nazis” and his actions from “punching.”

And sure enough, the activist celebrates violent riots in Puerto Rico in a posting entitled, “Puerto Rico shows us how it’s done”

The governor of Puerto Rico is one sorry sexist homophobe, and that fact was exposed when the contents of some of his messages was revealed. What do you think happened then? Puerto Ricans rioted for days……We aren’t tearing up the streets, although we should be……If the Democratic leadership can’t pull their heads out of their asses and lead, I see fires in the streets and gunfire in the capitol.

Not only does Myers advocate “tearing up the streets,” but he also pays tribute to a violent anarchist in a posting entitled, “If you don’t like punching Nazis, you’re going to hate this”. Willem Van Spronsen was an antifa thug who tried to burn down an ICE facility because his radicalized, extremist brain had him convinced the ICE facility was actually a concentration camp. Myers posts about him as if he is a martyr.

Look, there is nothing surprising to me about Myers continued drift toward a firm embrace of violence. It speaks to the core problems with atheism and morality. If atheism is true, morality boils down to two principles: 1) The end justifies the means and 2) Might makes right. Myers is able to blindly embrace violence with the certainty of a moral absolutist because his own atheist moral system has collapsed into 1) and 2).

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4 Responses to Atheist Embraces Violence

  1. unclesporkums says:

    Disgusting. Whatever happened to “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone”? I guess that can be conveniently amended to “as long as that ‘anyone’ isn’t an enemy of whatever ‘moral code’ you have.”

  2. nsr says:

    How do they determine who is a Nazi and who isn’t?
    I just can’t get my head around their frankly delusional level of confidence in their own ability to somehow intuit whether other people’s intentions are good or evil. I can only imagine they see themselves in some titanic backs-against-the-wall, if-you’re-not-with-us-you’re-against-us struggle against a foe of overwhelming might and reach.

  3. TFBW says:

    Bolsheviks see Nazis everywhere.

  4. Dhay says:

    > Willem Van Spronsen was an antifa thug who tried to burn down an ICE facility …

    … by attempting to set fire to a propane tank. A burning propane tank becomes a bomb:

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