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Another review of Dawkins’ Book

Here is another review of Dawkin’s new book.  This one from a fan: Several reviewers just don’t get it – of course there is nothing NEW in this book. Facts are facts so they have obviously NOT changed since stated … Continue reading

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Darwin Fish Are Illegal in Connecticut

We have previously seen the University of Connecticut police have arrested and charged two students with violating Connecticut’s Hate Crime Law: Sec. 53-37. Ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race. Any person who, by his advertisement, … Continue reading

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Is New Atheism Illegal in Some States?

Here’s a story from the Washington Post: The three people walking through a dimly lit parking lot near a University of Connecticut student apartment complex probably didn’t know they were being watched. But as the trio crossed in front of … Continue reading

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Dawkins’ New Book Spreads Misinformation

George Heath-Whyte is a PhD Assyriology Student who posted a series of tweets about Richard Dawkins’ new book.  Heath-Whyte writes, “as an Assyriologist I’ve had a couple of major face-palms moments.”  You can read the whole thread starting here.  My … Continue reading

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One Less God vs. The Wager

The Secular Student Alliance has a silly stunt backed up by a silly argument: Graveyard of the Gods is a farewell to humanity’s forgotten deities. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that there are thousands upon thousands of gods that have … Continue reading

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The Eavesdropping Waitress and the Insidious Side of “Social Justice.”

I wanted to take one more look at the eavesdropping, social justice waitress because I think that story nicely illustrates the insidious side of the social justice advocacy.  As I showed in my last posting, the best evidence to date … Continue reading

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CNN Reporter Commits Violence Against Trans

  The first video just shows that Warren will be pushing the SJW ideology very hard in the schools.  The second video shows the violence.  You have been warned. A black trans woman said it's "violence" to misgender or alter … Continue reading

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Was the Eavesdropping Waitress Telling the Truth?

Over at the “Friendly Atheist” blog, the champions of social justice are at it again.  As Sarahbeth Caplan explains (in an October 16, 2019 posting), “Apparently, refusing to reward hate speech with your time is a fireable offense now.” My, … Continue reading

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Did Dr. Steven Corbett Put Out a Christophobic Dog Whistle?

Check out this news story: The principal of Lusher High School turned down a free lunch offered to the school’s teachers by Chick-Fil-A “out of respect to our LGBTQ staff.” According to a statement from Dr. Steven Corbett, principal of … Continue reading

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Could this be the Social Justice Atheists’ Favorite Movie Scene?

The church is supposed to be from Kentucky and the people who attend oh so perfectly express common anti-Christian stereotypes and caricatures.   And more and more social justice types argue that violence is a valid means for bringing about social … Continue reading

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