Is Conversion Therapy Torture?

Not only does the social justice candidate want to punish churches for holding the wrong doctrines, he also wants to make “conversion therapy” illegal.  He even claims the “therapy” is torture.  Torture?  I know nothing about “conversion therapy,” so could someone in the know explain how it is torture?

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5 Responses to Is Conversion Therapy Torture?

  1. unclesporkums says:

    This is from the same crowd that once labelled a sermon by a Pastor. which labelled homosexuality as a sin, but advocated mercy towards them and leading them to repentance, as “a video where a pastor advocates torturing and murdering gays.”

  2. Ilíon says:

    As we all know — for do the SJWs not constantly shriek it? — saying anything that SJWs don’t want other people to hear is violence; while, oddly, their own actual violence is merely “speech”. In any event, since the speech they don’t want other people to hear is “violence”, it stands to reason that since they don’t want anyone to have even the option of choosing to leave “the ‘gay’ lifestyle”, then “conversion therapy” *must be* “torture” … whether or not it ever does help anyone to achieve that goal.

  3. Isaac says:

    Wow. That Wikipedia page is clearly loaded but I still gleaned enough raw information to come to the conclusion that lots of people change their sexual orientation successfully. Which I already suspected, having personally known a few.

    Lots of (primarily) straight people struggle with homosexual urges as well, and don’t want to throw away their families just to give in to a purely hedonistic and sexual temptation that could never make them happy. They should get all the help they need. It’s pretty sadistic to deny them that.

  4. Ilíon says:

    It’s the oddest thing, isn’t it?

    Somehow, 3-year-olds are able to know that they want to have their genitals mutilated/removed and opposite-sex hormones pumped into their bodies — rendering them sterile for life (and, perhaps a life-long captive customer Big Pharma); which is to say, technically speaking, be turned into sexually perverted persons. Yet, grown adults are incapable of knowing that they want to be free of same-sex attraction (which is technically a sexual perversion), and must be “protected” from seeking any advice or therapy which is purported to assist in achieving that freedom.

    Why, one could almost draw the conclusion that none of the left’s antics with respect to sex and sexual activity have anything to do with freeing anyone of anything, but rather entirely with perverting everyone: whether directly (by physically mutilating the sex of some, and enforcing the psychic sexual mutilation of others) or indirectly (by using State violence to compel the rest of us to pretend that sexual mutilation is liberation).

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