What Idiot Runs Chick-fil-A?

Every thinking person knows you can not appease the radicalized social justice extremists.  So why bother trying?  Attempts to appease are viewed as signs of weakness and only encourage more extreme demands.  So again, what idiot at Chick-fil-A thought it was a good idea to throw the Salvation Army under the bus?

Actually, I think Rod Dreher nails this one:

Only the company’s top decision-makers know why they did what they did, but I would bet money that this was not about markets, but about its executive leadership class getting tired of them and their spouses being stink-eyed by fellow rich and upper middle class peers at social gatherings.

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4 Responses to What Idiot Runs Chick-fil-A?

  1. TFBW says:

    Every thinking person knows you can not appease the radicalized social justice extremists.

    Those of us who study the goings-on of the SJW crowd know that well enough, but many in the broader populace still think they’re playing by the old-school liberal rules. Under those rules, if you did something politically incorrect, you were sneered at by liberal elites until such time as you mended your ways, at which point they went back to ignoring you. The SJW cancel culture crowd is notable for their departure from this status quo.

  2. pennywit says:

    So if I eat one of their chicken sandwiches, does it no longer mean I hate gay people? Does it matter if I get the side salad or the waffle fries?

  3. Here’s a question someone stick in my brain.

    What if this whole deal is a manufactured victory? First, there’s this unreported bit:


    And as the person put it: Who among us hasn’t had some gadfly jump on their totally unrelated actions to declare victory?

    This bears meditation.

  4. iblase says:

    It’s hard to say what really happened here. Did CFA say they were stopping the donations b/c those orgs believed in trad marriage (i.e. anti-LGBT in the modern parlance)? I don’t see them saying that. Sounds like their charitable commitments to those orgs were contractual and those contracts ended. We should remember that CFA didn’t donate to those orgs b/c they were anti-LGBT. It may be that they find some other charities do better with their philanthropic goals.

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