A PostModern Atheist

We’ve just seen how a modern day atheist embraces eugenics.  But what about a post-modern atheist?

Meet Patricia MacCormack, “a Cambridge academic has proposed a radical new way to solve climate change – letting humanity become extinct.

Patricia MacCormack, a professor of continental philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University, has just released her new book The Ahuman Manifesto, which will officially be launched in Cambridge today (Wednesday, February 5).

The book argues that due to the damage done to other living creatures on Earth, we should start gradually phasing out reproduction. But rather than offering a bleak look at the future of humanity, it has generated discussion due to its joyful and optimistic tone, as it sets out a positive view for the future of Earth – without mankind.

Ah yes, only an academic atheist could joyfully contemplate the extinction of humanity.  And since it is done with a smile, it’s not supposed to be nihilism.

Please Patricia, tell us more:

Speaking to CambridgeshireLive, Professor MacCormack outlined how she came to this point of view, and how these ideas are not as provocative as they may initially sound.

She said: “I arrived at this idea from a couple of directions. I was introduced to philosophy due to my interest in feminism and queer theory, so reproductive rights have long been an interest to me – this led me to learn more about animal rights, which is when I became vegan.

“The basic premise of the book is that we’re in the age of the Anthropocene, humanity has caused mass problems and one of them is creating this hierarchal world where white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people are succeeding, and people of different races, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities are struggling to get that.

LOL!  MacCormack’s “scholarship” is dime-a-dozen talking points from the post-modernist, social justice cults.  Pull out the You are a Good Social Justice Person checklist and ol’ Patricia has it all checked off all thr boxes.  That’s why she is ready for the next step – human extinction.

“The book also argues that we need to dismantle religion, and other overriding powers like the church of capitalism or the cult of self, as it makes people act upon enforced rules rather than respond thoughtfully to the situations in front of them.”

Of course.  We must dismantle all the forces of evil in order to reach for the paradise of extinction.

The central argument in The Ahuman Manifesto can be boiled down to this: mankind is already enslaved to the point of “zombiedom” by capitalism, and because of the damage this has caused, phasing out reproduction is the only way to repair the damage done to the world.

Professor MacCormack continued: “Everyone’s okay with the ideas in the book until they’re told they’d have to act on it.

Duh.  Look, if people like MacCormack ever wany humanity to act on her nutty views, they are all going to have to embrace their inner Nazi.

Here’s how her book is self-described:

We are in the midst of a growing ecological crisis. Developing technologies and cultural interventions are throwing the status of “human” into question.

It is against this context that Patricia McCormack delivers her expert justification for the “ahuman”. An alternative to “posthuman” thought, the term paves the way for thinking that doesn’t dissolve into nihilism and despair, but actively embraces issues like human extinction, vegan abolition, atheist occultism, death studies, a refusal of identity politics, deep ecology, and the apocalypse as an optimistic beginning.

Atheist occultism?  More evidence I was right about today’s atheists.  I’ll have to look into this one.

Anyway, let’s consider the glowing praise from other “scholars”:

“Patricia MacCormack goes relentessly beyond ”just” deconstructing anthropocentrism and dismantling multispecies extinction caused by human dominance in the Anthropocene. The manifesto is not only theorizing, but com/passionately calling for direct abolitionist action for the other at the expense of the (human) self. Trembling with joyful energy and critically affirmative insights, this manifesto encourages us to engage in ahuman arts&activist practices, inspired by queer feminist (secular) spirituality), and death activism.” –  Nina Lykke, Professor of Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden

Inspired by queer feminist (secular) spirituality), and death activism.  We can work with that.

“This book is a delightful provocation and invitation: to imagine a world without humans and to think of what we can do to get there. It is an urgent call for action. A joyful, lucid, fiercely intelligent call to readers to hope and work for a future not for themselves, but for the thriving of all nonhuman life. Engaging with this book will be a transformative experience. One cannot see the world or oneself in the same way after reading it.” –  Christine Daigle, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute, Brock University, Canada

“This book is a delightful provocation and invitation: to imagine a world without humans and to think of what we can do to get there. It is an urgent call for action.   Let’s hope none of these anti-human activists begin to contemplate acts of domestic terrorism using bioweapons.

“Patricia MacCormack’s splendid refusal to nuance her intent in The Ahuman Manifesto will both intrigue and infuriate. As a vegan abolitionist/extinctionist, she provides an unrelenting and exacting take down of the violent self-interest of the human species, and offers a call to ethical action best described as eating the Anthropocene.” –  Margrit Shildrick, Guest Professor of Gender and Knowledge Production, Stockholm University, Sweden

Why do I get the feeling that the “unrelenting and exacting take down” depends on someone previous buying into the postmodernist, social justice cult’s talking points?

Anyway, that’s to Patricia (who I consider to be an intellectual clown), we now have atheist occultism to explore.

Ah, the intellectual wonders of atheism.  On one hand, we have the eugenics of Dawkin’s scientism.  On the other?  We have the deep nihilism of MacCormack’s occultism and death fetish.  Like I have noticed before, it sure does seem that atheism easily leads people to dark places.

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6 Responses to A PostModern Atheist

  1. nsr says:

    I seem to recall the novel Rainbow Six (spoiler alert) has a villain with a very similar manifesto, using biological agents to wipe out the vast majority of the human race for ecological reasons, leaving only a super-elite group of people to start again. That was written over 20 years ago. Interesting to think that some people might no longer see such acts as villainy.

    I wonder how many of these pro-human-extinction people could also be described as “childless and bitter” due to failed relationships and/or inability to conceive.

    All of these postmodern alternative lifestyles are clearly supposed to lead to freedom and lasting fulfilment, yet they seem to achieve the exact opposite in many/most cases.

  2. Adam says:

    File this one under “I’m mad you are fulfilled spiritually and mentally, while I am not. Therefore everyone should die.”
    Augustine would have a field day with these people.

  3. Ilíon says:

    Many years ago — decades ago! — I read a science fiction story (I don’t recall the title of author) set in an imaginary future *after* all this humanity-hating (Cultural Marxist) madness which we now group under “SJW” had destroyed civilization and nearly destroyed the human race. The story was an “historical” re-telling of how the “Feast of Eater” (a mis-remembrance of Easter, combined with ritual cannibalism) — and thus the continuation of the human race — came to be.

    In this “history”, the ultra-environmentalist haters of humanity had first outlawed the killing of animals and the consumption of meat; then, after the development of an artificial food based on petroleum, they had outlawed the consumption of plant-based food. Then, because the “footprint” of mankind was still too heavy on The Earth ™, they had outlawed use of the the human voice. Then, they decreed that all human beings must commit suicide, and sent their bureaucrats out to see that the command was carried out.

  4. Ilíon says:

    While it’s a commonly known truth that a beautiful persons can have an ugly soul, and that an ugly person can have a beautiful soul, it’s an under-appreciated truth that people who go out of their way to *make* themselves ugly *always” have ugly souls.

  5. stcordova says:

    EESH!, Not to mention that big booger-looking ornament hanging from her nose looks gross.

  6. Isaac says:

    *Humanity is cruel and inhumane, with slavery and infanticide all considered normal. Life is awful.
    CHRISTIANITY: I’ll fix this. [Fixes it.]
    *Human life is short and painful for many due to disease and filthy living conditions.
    MODERN SCIENCE AND MEDICINE: We’ll fix this. [Fixes it.]
    *Yes, but most people live in poverty and only the very richest enjoy basic-
    CAPITALISM: Fixed.
    *Okay, but we’re all going to die because there isn’t enough food-
    *Sure, fine, whatever, but now that there’s plenty of food, the world is going to be super overpopulated!

    CRAZY LEFTIST LADY: Religion and Capitalism have enslaved and ruined the world and the only solution is for us to let the human race die.

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