LGBT Activists Attack Catholic School

Have no fear.  Social Justice Warrior Hemant Mehta is here:

Last week, two teachers at Kennedy Catholic High School, just outside of Seattle, Washington, were fired due to their same-sex relationships.

It’s not all that surprising. That’s what Catholic schools do because they’re bigoted institutions that believe homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.” They have every right to do it too; as a private school, they get to decide what the rules are. Anyone who works for them — or attends the school — is agreeing to those rules.

Oh really?  It looks like LGBT activists, working with some students, decided to launch protests against the Catholic High School:

It looks like the mob wants to force the Catholic school to hire two LBGT teachers.  Which means, as a private school, they are not allowed to decide what the rules are.

At this point, our Friendly Atheist tries to be clever (but will only end up with egg on his face):

While some deluded parents can’t believe the school would fire gay teachers in same-sex relationships — one mother, we’re told, knew about the rules but “didn’t expect the school to act on it” — the firings raise a more important point about hypocrisy.

The Catholic school has no problem firing teachers in same-sex relationships, but do they go after divorced and remarried teachers the same way? What about teachers who have (or participate in) an abortion? What about those who “sin” in other ways? As usual, they take homosexuality seriously, but no other “sin” is punished with the same vehemence. If they can’t see the problem, or it doesn’t become public news, they usually don’t bother with it. (Moral of the story: If you’re a Catholic school teacher who has an abortion early in your pregnancy, you can still keep your job.)

Oh my.  LGBT teachers with their very own Special Victim Status.  Always The Victim #1.

But why do I get the feeling we’re missing information?  For example, what if the LGBT teacher was proudly announcing his sexual orientation and propaganda to the students, which the divorced teacher kept their divorce from the students?  That’s a very significant difference.

Anyway, it doesn’t stop Mehta from rushing to the conclusion that there is “hypocrisy.”  Such an important point about hypocrisy.

But three minutes with Google will show that Mehta has egg on his face.

I found this:

A South Carolina teacher has filed a lawsuit against a Catholic school that fired her because she posted on Facebook several statements supporting abortion rights, which goes against the church’s long-held teachings.

Then this:

A Jackson County jury found in favor of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City and St. Joseph in a case brought by a Catholic school teacher who was fired after she got pregnant out of wedlock. 

And this:

A Roman Catholic private school teacher in Pennsylvania who was fired from her job for an unwed pregnancy with her boyfriend lost another bid to get her job back, but she will be allowed to proceed with her discrimination lawsuit.

Well, lookie there.  Doesn’t seem like LGBT teachers have any Special Victim Status nor is there any evidence of hypocrisy.   Mehta’s face meets egg.

What’s more, it looks like those “those who “sin” in other ways” get the same basic treatment and the “victims” are always lashing out at the Church for not embracing their sin.

Another article I found while Googling might be of interest to some.  We know that Canada is further along with its embrace of the LGBTagenda.  Well, it looks like Catholic schools in Canada can’t fire LGBT teachers and instead, are required by law, to teach LGBT propaganda in 5th and 6th grade.

Anyway, I do agree with one thing Mehta said:

The parents who don’t like what’s happening would be wise to pull their kids from Kennedy and send them to a more inclusive public school (if that’s an option) than by protesting what just happened.

Indeed.  Which raises an interesting question.  Why don’t these parents send their kids to inclusive public schools, especially since such schools are free?

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