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Argument From Evil is Weak

The modern day atheist movement has only one argument to actually support atheism – The Argument From Evil.  Anytime an atheist tries to make the case that there is no God, chances are extremely high that some version of the … Continue reading

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Dawkins, Religion, Atheism, and Viruses

A new low from Richard Dawkins: The virus of religion does its bit to help spread the other pernicious virus that threatens us all: — Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) March 21, 2020 Is Dawkins oblivious to the fact that the tables … Continue reading

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Exploited by the Medical Community

Here’s an interesting story: A 23-year-old woman who is taking legal action against an NHS gender clinic says she should have been challenged more by medical staff over her decision to transition to a male as a teenager. A judge … Continue reading

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The Great 2020 Atty Mystery

Earlier, I noted that the Jesus Mythicist of 2020 award could turn out to be most entertaining.  Instead, It has become the most mysterious.  First, it’s pretty obvious that the award was designed for Carrier.  But then comes the mystery … Continue reading

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Excitement in the Air

The atheist community must be tingling with excitement as in less than a month, the long awaited Anti-Theist conference will begin!   Speakers, awards, banquets, and yet more awards.  And of course…..The Dawk. Dawkins is getting an award too: Richard Dawkins will … Continue reading

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Another Atheist Has Demands for God

Over at his blog, atheist activist Jerry Coyne explains his atheism: Seriously, if God wanted us to accept Him, why can’t he just come down to Earth and do a few irrefutable miracles that can be witnessed, photographed, and so … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Where’s Waldo Atheist

We’ve just seen that the way atheists commonly approach the existence of God is fundamentally flawed. For the atheist, determining whether God exists is just like playing a game of Where’s Waldo.  They demand evidence of Waldo!  Show me Waldo!  The … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Where’s Waldo Approach

Over the years, I have shown the fatal flaws inherent in the atheists’ demand for evidence of God’s existence.  We have seen such demands completely ignore the subjective dimension of all evidence and mistakenly treat evidence as if it can … Continue reading

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