A Growing Theme Among the Winners of the Richard Dawkins Award

We might soon be able to add to the Atheist Activist Scorecard, as atheist (and winner of the Richard Dawkins Award) Bill Maher has been accused of whispering a sexually crude comment to actress Rose McGowen.  I don’t think it amounts to sexual harrassment.  And I do think McGowen is a hypersenstive feminist.  But her accusation is believable (especially since Maher is not disputed it).  And if so, it means that Maher is a pig.  This is not an example of “men being men,” or engaging is some old fashioned flirtation.  It’s the grunting of a pig.  And I’m not surprised that a pig previously  won the Richard Dawkins award.  After all, both Lawrence Krauss and David Silverman won that same award. 😀

And let’s also not forget that the award itself is named after a man who argues that there is something wrong with women who are jealous because of their cheating husbands.


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4 Responses to A Growing Theme Among the Winners of the Richard Dawkins Award

  1. Ilíon says:

    Hell, the accusation is believable if the only information one had about either party is Maher’s picture.

  2. Dhay says:

    I see David Silverman opened a GoFundMe on 07 September 2019 to raise funds to sue those who got him fired from American Atheists for his misconduct. More than eight months later, the current position is “$4,335 raised of $100,000 goal”.


    The obvious conclusion is, for all that Silverman’s social media since his sacking has been full of self-justifications how poor-little-him has been horribly and oh so grossly unfairly treated, his readers have been unsympathetic.

    Damned by scant support.


    Looks like Silverman might be or is a Jesus Myther:

    In an interview on 12/1/15 with Michael Medved, Silverman asserted that Jesus Christ was a fictional character.



    What is Silverman doing now – apart from selling insurance, if he still is? He’s been taken on as Managing Director of the Conru Foundation, which gives grants currently totalling $200,000 to support…

    …groups or individuals working to counter false narratives in media, academia, policy, and society. The goal is to help foster the Enlightenment values of truth, evidence, and free-inquiry. Grant recipients have included environmental and educational non-profits, media-makers, advocates for free speech, education, arts, policy, and others.


    Managing Director sounds an impressive title, but I suspect he will be a sole employee processing grant request paperwork and approving or rejecting the requests in accordance with donor Andrew Conru’s guidelines. An insurance clerk has similar duties and responsibilities.

  3. Dhay says:

    …grants currently totalling $200,000

    …grants currently totalling $200,000 a year. I can’t readily see Conru granting half of that budget to fund David Silverman’s court costs.

  4. I guess atheist activism doesn’t pay after one is outed as a creepy predator.

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