More Social Justice Violence

If we use protester logic, we are forced to conclude that Antifa and BLM “protesters” are violent people.  We have seen them abuse children to further their message and even kill children as part of their “protests.”  Now, we learn of two women – a physical therapist and a social worker – who have turned to violence as part of their “protesting”:

Two Madison women trained in healing have been arrested in the assault of a state senator.


Samantha Hamer, 26, and Kerida O’Reilly, 33, were arrested Monday on charges of substantial bodily injury and robbery with use of force for their alleged role in the beating of state Sen. Tim Carpenter, a Democrat from Milwaukee.


That night, groups toppled statues outside of the state Capitol and dragged them away. State property, including Capitol windows, also were damaged. A Molotov cocktail also was thrown into a county building that housed the 911 dispatch center.

Carpenter, 60, was attacked and beaten after he began filming the group in a public street, which is legal. He said he was punched and kicked by eight to 10 people and suffered a concussion.

If by some strange chance either one of these women come across this blog posting,  let me make one simple point to them.

I’m sorry Samantha and Kerida, but my sense of morality is superior to yours.  How do we know?  You two physically attacked and beat an elderly man.  Me? I have never done anything like this.  You two have embraced violence to make your points.  I have never done this.  You are violent and I am non-violent.

Now that you two have chosen violence, and this has resulted in negative consequences for your careers (for example, I would never use a physical therapist who has a history of beating on elderly people), I can only hope that you begin questioning your moral position.  Any moral position that so easily embraces violence against other humans to score political points is a moral position that is deeply flawed.  Again, you two physically attacked and beat an elderly man while I have never done anything like this.

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4 Responses to More Social Justice Violence

  1. Ilíon says:

    If we use protester logic, …” then their violence is “free speech” and “moral”, but your free speech condemning their violence is “violence” and “immoral”; and your condemnation is particularly “violent” and “immoral” because you are condemning their violence from a grounding of *actual* morality.

    Part of the supporting rationale for this twisted “logic” goes back to the supreme Court redefining *acts* as being “speech”.

  2. Morality appears to be based on who and what you are (specifically which identity groups you claim membership of) rather than what you’re actually doing.

  3. SavedByGrace says:

    Social workers like the ones who were supposed to replace the cops? The irony.

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