Social Justice and Violence

Given that so many social justice activists are unwilling to condemn the violence,  I suggested we consider the hypothesis that social justice ideology is inherently violent.   We can explore the logic in more detail later, but for now, here is further evidence that social justice ideology is inherently violent:

The nightly violence in Portland’s Kenton neighborhood is leaving many business owners on edge, worried about destruction caused by rioters.

Terrance Moses owns a business in the area and is part of the Kenton Business Association. He said that things have drifted far from the original message of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Now the movement has totally gone silent, there’s nobody leading it, nobody in charge of saying to the powers that be, this is what we want,” Moses said.

Moses said he listened to one of the leaders this past weekend and was shocked to hear the man promoting violence to the crowd.

“I listened and watched the leader of the group what the plan was for their Black Lives Matter movement and his tone was we’re going to burn if that’s what it takes to get our point across,” Moses said.

Moses said the message promoting violence is counterproductive and hurts people of color who have businesses nearby.

“And then he goes on to say I want you to go to jail for the cause, this is how it’s done, this is the only way we’re going to get real change so if you feel you need to burn some stuff up then you burn it up,” Moses said.

Notice, “we’re going to burn if that’s what it takes to get our point across.”  And “this is the only way we’re going to get real change so if you feel you need to burn some stuff up then you burn it up.”  This is the end justifies the means logic that is inherently part of social justice ideology.  In fact, over three years ago, I (and others) warned the social justice notion of “punch a nazi” would lead to this place:

Given his atheism, Arel’s moral sense is guided by the principle of ends justify the means.  And given his social justice advocacy, Arel’s thinking is clearly guided by his Id.  The Id loves the “ends justify the means” argument because it gives the Id an excuse to act out its primitive instincts.

So Arel’s basic argument is that the nazis are such an existential threat (the Id’s fear) that by punching them now (the Id’s aggression) we can prevent the occurrence of genocide.  In other words, commit interpersonal acts of violence in the name of the Greater Good.

Of course, this logic can be used to justify just about any politically motivated violence.  All you have to do is package the Fear and Rage under some imagined “Greater Good.”  So it’s rather obvious to rational people that Arel’s logic simply cannot be restrained to targeting Nazis and does indeed put us on a slippery slope to a bloody culture.

Then, over a year ago, atheist PZ Myers followed through on the logic of his social justice ideology and began advocating for riots and destruction.

I’m not a prophet or psychic.  I, and others, were able to accurately predict this because we understand the dark essence of social justice ideology.

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