Antifa Now Killing People

Three years ago, I warned about the way social justic advocates embrace violence:

There is yet another route for the slippery slope to travel.  Why stop with punching a nazi when the same logic works for killing a nazi?  If we are to punch nazis to keep from from acquiring power, killing nazis would seem to be even more effective.

And today they are murdering and cheering about it: 

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8 Responses to Antifa Now Killing People

  1. SavedByGrace says:

    And I can’t say I’m surprised either. Now, do any of our resident leftists want to argue how they aren’t a terrorist group?

  2. Isaac says:

    This is going in all sorts of bad directions. The violence and mayhem is MOSTLY coming from the political Left, but there is a faction on the Right that is just as eager to engage in a new civil war.

    And that right-wing faction, the truly crazy ones, are much more dangerous per fighter, even if they don’t have the numbers. They have guns, proper gun training, and are generally smarter and more experienced at physical activity. They’re also walled up in more rural areas.

    Politics is downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from religion. The insanity of the antifa and antifa-adjacent anarchists comes from their complete lack of a moral authority and their rejection of Christianity. Their only creed is that they are compassionate, and the “other” side is a bunch of evil inhuman Nazis. They literally chant, “no bad protestors, no good cops.” They actually believe this.

    But the decline of faith in America knows no politics. Large numbers on the Right are also walking away from Jesus and they make up the craziest elements you see arming up for Civil War 2. Atheists like Richard Spencer, Odinist pagan worshippers like the mass-shooter in Norway, and followers of “alternative” forms of cultural/political Christianity (white supremacism) that don’t involve believing the Bible or following Jesus.

    Of course “they” want you to pick a side (socialist or racist) because you can’t follow Jesus and be allied with either side. Funny that.

  3. TFBW says:

    Richard Spencer is an unpleasant non-entity whose public profile and image as “alt-Right” is the product of partisan media actively looking for a Right-wing bogeyman to promote. I hope said media enjoys the fruits of their labour now that Spencer is endorsing Biden/Harris.

  4. Bill Hankel says:

    I’d feel fairly safe assuming that the vast majority of these protesters consider themselves atheists, and wonder if they realize that if their worldview is correct, then “No Lives Matter”.

  5. Ilíon says:

    Of course “they” want you to pick a side (socialist or racist) ,,,

    The so-called and self-proclaimed “alt-right” are just another flavor of collectivists:self-identification notwithstanding, they are leftists.

  6. Mel Wild says:

    The civil rights movement in the 60s split in two opposite directions: One was that of MLK, who advocated peaceful protest and unity for all races. That was Christian in origin. The other was that of Malcolm X and Black Power, who advocated the militant and violent overthrow of America, black supremacy, and racial segregation. That ideology was Marxist in origin. Unfortunately, because of rich athletes like Kaepernick (who saw Malcolm X as a hero), the pendulum has swung toward the Malcolm X version of social justice. And what’s worse, guilty white people are so misinformed, they swallow their poisonous doctrines whole without knowing the anti-Christ ideologies behind them.

  7. Is there any way back for the US without all of this descending into a new civil war? I’m not sure that there is.

  8. Ilíon says:

    Is there any way back for the US without all of this descending into a new civil war?


    1) blaming Trump, as the Democrats are attempting, won’t accomplish anything;

    2) abject surrender to the leftists will delay the seemingly inevitable civil war … for a short time;

    3) coming down like a ton of bricks on the leftists will delay the seemingly inevitable civil war …for as much as a generation;

    Unless the Democratic Party is utterly devastated in the upcoming elections, option 3) is off the table; if the Democrats have any significant voice/power in the government, they will never allow it.

    So, expect a combination of 1) and 2).

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