More Social Justice Violence

More evidence of the violent nature of today’s “social justice” activists.

First, we have the atheist professor who advocates the public execution of people he disagrees with:

More protests and riots, please. Tumbrels and guillotines, too. Écrasez l’infâme. Tear down the criminal regime and it’s lackeys.

Then we have the prominent social justice activist who apparently has a history of beating women:

The prominent Portland-based activist was outed for previously being arrested and jailed on suspicion of strangling and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend six years ago, a Wednesday article in The Oregonian revealed.

McKelvey is one of the most prominent social justice activists in Portland, first emerging in the city’s politics in 2016 as a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders, and then later as a figurehead in the Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement.

He is the co-founder of Portland’s Resistance, whose leader—a sex offender named Micah Rhodes—was charged with sexually abusing a minor in 2017.

And we have video of the “peaceful protesters” in action:


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5 Responses to More Social Justice Violence

  1. SavedByGrace says:

    As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else…As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else..

  2. Bored, nihilistic narcissists. Zero principles or forgiveness.

  3. Stardusty Psyche says:

    “figurehead in the Portland’s Black Lives Matter movement”

    We are a collective of Black folks organizing against capitalism and colonialism.

    Although, BLM, the national organization, does not list a chapter in Portland OR.

    That is in the nature of the BLM movement. Even the national organization BLM has the explicit model that its chapters are loose affiliates, each with their own web site, leaders, and local organization.

    That Portland Facebook page appears to be even further disconnected from BLM the national organization, and might be some folks who just latched onto the term BLM and didn’t even bother to apply to be a chapter of BLM the national organization.

    Even further removed from the national organization is the typical SJW who considers himself or herself to be a part of the broader BLM movement, and likely has little knowledge of the sinister nature of BLM the national organization.

    My point is simply that generalizations that take the actions of somebody self identifying as part of BLM, as somehow emblematic of the whole diffuse movement, are likely to be wrong.

    The reasons for the disparities we see in policing, education, and income for blacks could be summarized as:
    1.Historical systemic and systematic racism, discrimination, and domestic terrorism that has grossly and severely limited the assets of the black population as a whole.
    2.The degradation of American families in general which is especially acute among black people, leading to a lack of supervision, poverty, crime, scholastic failure, high rates of violence and police contact and incarceration.
    3.Individually held racism that limits acceptance, particularly in employment.
    4.Shared individual racism remaining within some organizations (this being the only legitimate claim to a form of remaining systemic racism).
    5.A proportionately and comparatively large criminal subculture that glorifies and lives a life of crime.

    But, people do not want to look at themselves and their own cultural defects, rather, human nature is a tendency to blame others. Politicians will not state the obvious, that the primary root cause for why so many black kids grow up with lower education and higher crime is that on average black families are the worst place in America for kids to grow up. Being a single mom is almost always very bad for a child. Having parents that don’t want each other for anything other than brief sexual encounters is very bad for a child. Having parents that argue and fight and get divorced in the few cases they got married in the first place is very bad for a child, and causes that child to fail in life.

    Even Donald Trump can’t say that, politically, he undoubtedly would like to, but he lacks the powers of articulation to find a way to tell that truth.

    So, SJWs have redefined racism.

    Racism no longer means, SJWs say, what the dictionary says it means. Now, any system that results in disparities of outcome by race is by definition a systemically racist system.

    It would be as though in a high school math class where on a test the Asian students averaged an A while the white students averaged a B that would mean that the class is by definition a systemically racist math class.

    The idea doesn’t seem to occur to the SJW that maybe the Asian students had the benefit of parents who took a very strong interest in math education and both supported and demanded hours of math study and diligent textbook use. Whereas, the white students had less rigorous parents who did not take the time to sit down each night with their kids and review the math homework, make sure it all got done correctly, and use the child’s textbook to explain and answer any questions that the child had each night.

    Inferior parenting just is not an allowable root cause for inferior outcomes in the cotton candy brain of the SJW.

  4. stcordova says:


    All this was propheseid in 1958 in the 45 communist goals:

    Goal 42: “Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use “united force” to solve economic, political or social problems.”

  5. SavedByGrace says:

    And we just had another riot in Lancaster over a violent guy stabbing his family, then getting shot while chasing the cop with the knife.

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