Two Years Ago, Atheists Mangled the Covington Catholic Story

Robby Soave posted a good article entitled, “A Year Ago, the Media Mangled the Covington Catholic Story. What Happened Next Was Even Worse”  that is worth a read.  If you’ll recall, the Covington Catholic story exposed the intellectual dishonesty that seems to be inherent to so many social justice advocates.

For me, this was a disputed story that was easily resolved with some basic critical thinking skills.  I outlined the case that The Covington Kids Did Nothing Wrong, and two years later, it’s obvious to all intelligent and honest people that I was right.

Yet the atheist activists, who posture as champions of reason and evidence, struggled.  And as of today, they still have crusty egg all over their face.  There’s PZ Myers, whose emotional and erroneous posting about this now makes for a good laugh.   Ol’ Mushy Myers bought into the anti-Covington boys narrative hook, line, and sinker with complete and total gullibility.   It’s amusing to watch an atheistic scientist display such a lack of regard for the evidence when it comes to his own precious beliefs.

Of course, PZ was not the only atheist activist who got it so hilariously wrong.   Let’s not forget the idiocy of Hemant Mehta, who just knew the boys were eevil racists because of their hats and facial expressions. Needless to say, I easily refuted his dumb “arguments” – HERE.

But here’s the thing.  While people like Myers and Mehta posture as if they value reason and evidence, this cannot be true.  For anyone who truly valued reason and evidence would not have so easily bought into the media’s mangled anti-Covington story.  In fact, I think my conclusions from two years ago still stand:

Did Mehta not learn anything from his participation in the witch hunt? How will he change his actions moving forward?

Look, in considering Mehta’s demands and reactions to this incident, it has finally become clear to me that the Social Justice views and approach he advocates is not merely a form of extremism, but also a form of Fundamentalism. He lives in some bubble where absolute truth and certainty exist, rooted only in emotions and subjectivity, yet he seeks to impose these bubble beliefs on all of us, demanding strict allegiance to the tenets and Truths of his social justice faith. And don’t let evidence and critical thinking get in the way of Justice!

The Friendly Atheist is a Social Justice Fundamentalist site that appeals to other like-minded fundies. This is a theme that should be fleshed out.

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1 Response to Two Years Ago, Atheists Mangled the Covington Catholic Story

  1. My impression of Myers is that he’s a typical Dawkinsian ignoramus: extremely learned or even brilliant in one narrow field of study, and for some reason thinks this makes him so intelligent he can discern and speak as an authority in any other field of study.

    Is Mehta motivated by anything more than the desire to make money from clicks? I do find it amusing that those atheists who want nothing to do with religion because they think it’s a con trick to fleece them of their cash will flock in their droves to secular activists who are doing exactly that.

    Are there any prominent atheist/SJW activists who aren’t just in it for the money?

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