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A Tale of Two Shootings

On March 16th, a series of shootings occurred at various Atlanta massage parlors that seemed to excite social justice atheists Hemant Mehta and PZ Myers.  I got this impression because both internet activists found themselves blogging about this numerous times … Continue reading

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More Egg On PZ Myers’ Face

Ol’ Mushbrain Myers does it again: I’ve already heard the joke that the pandemic must be over, because we’re back to our regular routine of frequent mass shootings. They’re wrong. The pandemic is still ongoing, and during the latest insane … Continue reading

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Hating on Christians

Atheist PZ Myers posted a blog entry entitled, “You will know they are Christians by their flexible morality.”  He writes: A wealthy, well-connected real estate agent in the Ozarks decided to have her mother-in-law murdered……What’s interesting about it is the … Continue reading

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And That’s Why They Are Known as Snowflakes

Another professor blows the whistle on critical race “theory” He’s soft-spoken, and obviously nervous, yet his ability to use reason is terrifying the social justice students on campus: Senior Josephine Mercado, President, and founder of UVM Sisters of Color Started … Continue reading

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Secular Zealotry

Let me quote from a recent article from The Atlantic that wisely notes, “As religious faith has declined, ideological intensity has risen.”  “if secularists hoped that declining religiosity would make for more rational politics, drained of faith’s inflaming passions, they … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheists Take Lead in Warming the Planet

I’d classify this as the eye-opening story of the day: Looking at global aggregates, decades of efforts to reduce carbon emissions appear to have made no difference.  On global aggregate numbers, it’s hard to gainsay that conclusion. Over the decade … Continue reading

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