Too Crazy To Be True?

I know that social justice advocates and their allies tend to be wild-eyed extremists, but this seems too extreme to be true:

A New York wedding photographer is taking Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D.) administration to court over state laws that threaten her with fines and jail time for her religious beliefs about marriage.

Emilee Carpenter filed a lawsuit against New York attorney general Letitia James (D.) over state nondiscrimination statutes that Carpenter said compel her to violate her religious beliefs about traditional marriage by making her publicize photos of same-sex weddings on her website. The laws require her to create photograph collections on her website celebrating same-sex weddings because she celebrates opposite-sex weddings. Violating the laws could result in tens of thousands of dollars in fines, the state taking away her business license, or even jail time.

The statutes also forbid Carpenter from publishing any sort of editorial stance explaining her religious beliefs about marriage on her website. 

I think I’ll wait to determine if this is indeed true and not some huge communication error.

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2 Responses to Too Crazy To Be True?

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s true, near as I can tell. It’s on the Alliance Defending Freedom site, and they are the ones representing her.

  2. TFBW says:

    The biggest problem with the Bill of Rights is that the government faces no penalty for violating it. I think the remedy should be fairly straightforward: all those responsible for passing or enforcing an unconstitutional edict should be tried for violating their oath of office, and barred (for a time) from all positions which require such an oath if found guilty. You could let them off with a warning if the violation is sufficiently borderline. They need some kind of stick to remind them that their duty is to uphold the constitution, not undermine and erode it as much as they can.

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