Biden Does Not Know How Many Americans are in Afghanistan

More Horrific Incompetence:

The White House on Friday was still unable to say how many Americans remained stranded in Afghanistan, while appearing to describe the situation on the ground in Kabul as more dire than senior administration officials have acknowledged in recent days.

Here’s an idea. Before you start pulling out of Afghanistan, you a) determine how many Americans are there and b) put in place a plan to get them out. Appararently, Biden and his administration were too stupid to figure out something so obvious. They never made it to a).

“As of a few weeks ago, we had already begun reaching out to all American citizens who were in Afghanistan via email, via text, via messaging app to hear from them and to understand their plans and work with them to get them out, if they want to get out,” Bedingfield said. “And so that is a massive logistical operation that’s underway.”

Wow. They just threw this together “a few weeks ago?” They knew about the coming withdrawl over six months ago. Why wasn’t such a network set up back then? Idiots.

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2 Responses to Biden Does Not Know How Many Americans are in Afghanistan

  1. Dhay says:

    Ditto my British government. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, his ministers and cabinet, the governing Tory party, the opposition parties — who could, though without power, have warned and criticised Tory inaction — no MPs seem to have had a clue.

  2. Mel Wild says:

    Biden is dangerously incompetent, besides being the neo-Marxist left’s useful idiot. His administration halted the previous administration’s Crisis Response Plan that would’ve ensured the safe evacuation of all Americans before pulling out of Afghanistan.

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