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Another Failed Socialist State

I bet you’re shocked: More than 75 percent of Venezuelans are now living in extreme poverty, according to a new study published on Wednesday, Reuters reported. [….] Roughly 95 percent live in poverty when only looking at income levels, according to … Continue reading

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President Biden Lied

From Politico: Top generals told lawmakers under oath on Tuesday that they advised President Joe Biden early this year to keep several thousand troops in Afghanistan — directly contradicting the president’s comments in August that no one warned him not … Continue reading

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Free Will: Evidence for God

Does atheism entail determinism?  Atheist Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  Some time ago, he made it quite clear how his views of determinism follow from his acceptance of atheism/materialism: The best answer I can give (besides reading Sean Carroll’s … Continue reading

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PZ Myers Was Denied Tenure

PZ Myers posted a video gloating about Peter Boghossian’s resignation from academia.  In another posting, I’d like to speak about Boghossian’s resignation, but for now, focus on what PZ Myers admits at 3:10 in the video – PZ Myers was … Continue reading

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More Lies From the Atheist Professor

Atheist professor, PZ Myers, has a blog entry entitled, “Anti-vaxxers are murdering children.”  Note how easy it was for the atheist to lie.  Please.  Anti-vaxxers are not out there “murdering children.”  Stop it. Maybe the atheist professor thinks otherwise because … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose the Vaccine Mandate

Simple. Covid is not deadly enough to merit such authoritarianism. Not even close. If you suppost the vaccine mandate, it is likely because a) covid terrifies you and/or b) you admire authoritarianism, as long as it imposes your mindset on … Continue reading

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More Lies from an Atheist Professor

PZ is at it again with his blog entry entitled, What kind of ridiculous poison will they ingest next to avoid a simple vaccination? Speaking of the antiseptic, Betadine, Myers writes: I would never have dreamed of drinking or gargling … Continue reading

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Panic Peddlers Hardest Hit

Looks like a new study is about to surface that gives us more reason to be less afraid of Covid: If you want to make sense of the number of COVID hospitalizations at any given time, you need to know … Continue reading

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Why Are Atheists Troubled by Free Speech?

Why do so many atheists have such a problem with free speech?  Many of the New Atheists and the Social Justice Atheists seem to believe that if they don’t like someone’s argument, it should never have been published.  It’s as … Continue reading

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The Texas Abortion Law is Not “Anti-Woman”

While many insist that the new Texas law concerning abortion is “anti-woman,” I’m afraid that argument is out of date and no longer applies.  This is 2021 and in 2021 there are trans-men.  We are told trans men are men … Continue reading

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