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Creepy Trans Twix Commercial

Check it out. A witch essentially replaces the parents of a tran boy who wears a princess dress. The witch takes the trans boy to a park, where an evil cis boy says the trans boy and his witch protector … Continue reading

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Did Dave Chappelle “Punch Down?”

Concerning Dave Chappelle’s comedy show, a typical woke professor complained: Louis CK remains the king — wow, but that guy destroyed his reputation spectacularly — but it looks like Dave Chappelle is working hard to catch up. Where once I … Continue reading

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Hey! Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone!

Picking up from where I last left off…… A former New Hampshire high school teacher who pleaded guilty to human trafficking and manufacturing child sex abuse images was sentenced to prison on Tuesday. – Here A Southwest Alaska teacher is … Continue reading

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Social Justice Atheist Challenges Dorian Abbot with Questions. I answer them. Easily.

Social justice atheist PZ Myers lashed out at Dorian Abbot, a recent victim of the Cancel Culture.  Myers thinks he has some clever questions for Abbot.  So I couldn’t resist answering.

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The Democratic Party Has Become a Party of Far Left Extremists

I’ve been posting on this blog for over ten years now. And during all that time, I have rarely commented on political matters. But that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. Why? The Democratic Party is well on the way … Continue reading

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More and More Fake Hate

The Fake Hate continues: A Black woman is accused of posing as a White Ku Klux Klan member and sending racially charged notes to the homes of families in an Atlanta suburb, according to local reports. – Here Yet more Fake … Continue reading

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Washington Post Effectively Argues that Abortion is Not a “Women’s Issue”

From here: Updated stylebook guidance for The Washington Post told writers to say “pregnant women and other pregnant individuals” rather than just “pregnant women” in an effort “to be more inclusive.” Translation – pregant women don’t get abortions. Pregnant individuals … Continue reading

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A Great Mystery

How can this be?? This winter, the world will be fighting over something that’s invisible, yet rarely so vital—and in alarmingly shorter supply. Nations are more reliant than ever on natural gas to heat homes and power industries amid efforts … Continue reading

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