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Trans Professor Doesn’t Want Anyone to Use the term “Pedophile”

Interesting….. In an interview with the Prostasia Foundation, professor Dr. Allyn Walker argues for the use of the term “minor-attracted people” — or MAPs — to describe people attracted to children. Walker explained that people can be attracted to children without … Continue reading

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The Dumb Atheist

Atheist PZ Myers is baffled: What baffles me, though, is that after that silly rant misinterpreting DNA to distort it into support for the author’s weird hatred of gay and trans folk, he announces that DNA is bogus and fake, … Continue reading

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Concerned about Covid, Social Justice Atheists Beat Dog to Death

From CNN: A series of loud bangs startle the sleeping corgi, driving it out of its bed. The door opens and two people dressed in full hazmat suits enter the living room, one carrying a crowbar and another a yellow … Continue reading

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CRT Teacher Proselytizes in the Classroom

From here: An 11th grade English class at a New York state high school included a presentation that mirrored critical race theory, telling students that America and white people are racist. According to screenshots obtained by nonprofit parent group Parents … Continue reading

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The Anti-Pedophile Pledge

It’s simple: Pedophilia is disgusting. It is wrong and should always remain illegal. If you agree, let the world know in the comments section.

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What is Secular Privilege? Here are 10 Everyday Examples

When trying to better understand what white privilege is supposed to be, I discovered a series of articles that help by providing concrete examples, such as What Is White Privilege? Here Are 9 Everyday Examples by Suzannah Weiss.   As I was reading … Continue reading

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A Track Record of Failure

According to astrophysicist Paul Sutter: Life, including intelligent life, evolved on Earth. Yet there shouldn’t be anything particularly remarkable about our planet; it’s just another random world in the galaxy. So if intelligent life happened here, it must be pretty common … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Delusion

Over at his blog, social justice atheist PZ Myers tries to explain what atheism is. He unknowingly acknowledges that modern day atheism is built on the god of the gaps logic: We’ve had the successes of science to undermine belief … Continue reading

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Another day, another abusive teacher

Hmmm. The same profession that wants to indoctrinate children with Woke ideology (and lie to parents about their intentions) also seems to have an abuse problem. Here’s one that just became known: A Florida high school English teacher was arrested … Continue reading

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The Radical Left is Dumb

LOL. Keep blaming your failed, losing ways on….racism. Of course, given the intellectual limitations of the Woke crowd, they don’t really have anything else to bring to the table. Just more accusations of the same old, tired ad hominem attacks. … Continue reading

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