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Potential Logo for OnlySky?

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Is OnlySky an Example of Systemic Racism?

Over at the new atheist website, OnlySky, we find a list of 15 different authors who will be posting there.  Knowing how several of them are woke and concerned about systemic racism, I used google to determine (the best I … Continue reading

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Hemant’s Hate Blog on the Move

Hemant Mehta, and several of his radical atheist colleagues, are leaving Patheos to set up yet another place where atheist bloggers bloviate. I wonder what made them run off. What will make their site different from, say……FTB? Anyway, Mehta claims … Continue reading

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Becoming Clear to Most that “Defund the Police” is a Crazed (or criminal), Crackpot Position

Sane, rational people saw this coming from the beginning: These recent developments have mostly gone unnoticed in the national media. Portland’s flirtation with political violence was given wall-to-wall coverage in the summer of 2020, but the media largely lost interest … Continue reading

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The Dumb Atheist Strikes Again

Once again, atheist professor PZ Myers doesn’t seem to have a good grasp on critical thinking. He recently posted this: and complained it was all Facebook’s fault. It never occurs to him, or any of his atheist readers, that this … Continue reading

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Moral Duty and Evidence for God

Earlier, I noted the moral posturing of atheist PZ Myers and its intrinsic irony: These are delusions in an atheistic reality. If God belief is a delusion, so too is this mushy sense of ought. There is no basis for … Continue reading

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Remember How Journalists Breathlessly Embraced Jussie Smollett’s Hoax

When many people first heard Jussie Smollett’s claims about being a victim of some hate crime, they noticed all kinds of red flags indicating this story was bogus.  But not so with journalists around the country.  Because people so strongly … Continue reading

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The Extreme, Radical, BLM Movement

Those of us who are rational, sane, and fair-minded recognize that the BLM movement is an extreme radicalized movement that doesn’t have a very good grasp on truth and reality. For anyone who doubts this, we need only consider the … Continue reading

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LGBT+ Privilege in the Media

Ever since the pandemic hit, I have seen plenty of streamed TV shows and movies. LGBT+ privilege has become clear when doing so, as many of the shows and movies have LGBT characters who are portrayed positively or neutrally. In … Continue reading

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How Much of Woke Academia Would Like to Destigmatize Peodphlia?

How much of the academic social science world is behaving as if they are trying to incrementally normalize pedophilia? We recent saw an example of such a professor who thinks we need to destigmatize pedophilia.  Walker explained that people can … Continue reading

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