How Much of Woke Academia Would Like to Destigmatize Peodphlia?

How much of the academic social science world is behaving as if they are trying to incrementally normalize pedophilia?

We recent saw an example of such a professor who thinks we need to destigmatize pedophilia. 

Walker explained that people can be attracted to children without acting on it.

“It’s less stigmatizing than other terms like pedophile,” Walker said. “A lot of people when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender. And that isn’t true. And it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors.”

This professor eventually resigned, but the professor seems to have several supportive colleagues in academia.

For example:

The AAUP’s ODU Chapter President, Dr. Daniel Richards, said the organization stands in solidarity with Walker……Richards went on to say Walker’s work is part of a larger movement in their field, to try and reframe child sexual abuse as a preventable public health problem.

A larger movement, eh?

Then there is Elizabeth Letourneau, director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.  The Washington Post helped her views to get a larger hearing.  Letourneau writes:

In the interview, Walker explained that they use the term “minor-attracted person” instead of “pedophile” because people incorrectly assume that all pedophiles have abused a child or will soon. Again, Walker is right: Many people attracted to children have not and will not harm a child. Walker drew further ire for suggesting that people with a sexual attraction to children aren’t inherently bad, as long as they haven’t acted on it. That, like everyone else, these individuals can’t help who they are attracted to. Walker immediately followed this by saying they wanted to be “extremely clear that child sexual abuse is never ever okay.” But this last sound bite didn’t make it into the bad-faith cut of the interview making the rounds online.


Walker’s work is part of greater shift to reframe child sexual abuse as a preventable public health problem, instead of a tragic inevitability. 

You’ll notice again that everyone is against “child sexual abuse.”  That’s good.  But that’s not enough.  Are they opposed to all forms of sexual contact between adults and children? Is all adult-child sex, by definition, child sexual abuse? They don’t say, do they?

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4 Responses to How Much of Woke Academia Would Like to Destigmatize Peodphlia?

  1. TFBW says:

    The phrase “wolf in sheep’s clothing” springs to mind.

  2. Ilíon says:

    Beware any time the “caring professionals” start trying to redefine anything as a “public health issue”.

  3. TFBW says:

    “Public health” is to “health” what “social justice” is to “justice”.

  4. Oh Michael… if only you knew how bad it really was…

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