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Teacher Cries Because She Can’t Proselytize in Class

Sorry, no sympathy from me. Six year old kids don’t need to hear about her “trans fem” partner. I understand that by talking about her trans fem partner, she’s encouraging questions from the kiddies that will give her the excuse … Continue reading

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Seduced to Become Transgender

There is a really good essay from someone who got caught up in the transgender movement, but was able to detransition after finding support.  She makes many good points throughout her lengthy essay to help us see the harmful elements … Continue reading

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Vindictive Disney

I’m shocked to find a Hollywood producer would have two queer kids. Shocked. One is pansexual, but I don’t see the P in LGBTQIA. Bigots. Now, if you listen closely, she is basically talking about retaliation – because of the … Continue reading

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Learn Your Pronouns!

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Minority Stress Theory Not Looking So Good

About a year ago, a study was published and NBC news described its findings as follows: Nearly a third of young gay people have attempted suicide, study finds I don’t think that’s the major finding of the study.  The study … Continue reading

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A Lesbian Student Tries to Justify Deplatforming Mike Pence. And Fails.

A few days before the student newspaper demanded that Mike Pence be deplatformed at the University of Virginia, a first year student named Elisabeth Bass had an opinion piece published by the same newspaper.  Bass is a first year student … Continue reading

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More Student Snowflakes Attack Free Speech

Check out this editorial from the student newspaper at the University of Virginia. The students are demanding the University deplatform Mike Pence because his speaking there actually threatens the lives of the students. Witness their brilliance: EDITORIAL: Dangerous rhetoric is … Continue reading

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LOL! In this woman’s defense, she did go to Harvard.

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One Simple Question For Woke Atheists

Can you provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman?

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Adventures in the Twitterverse, Episode 5

Here’s a nice, short example of a closed-minded atheist (and stumped by the “what would count?” question). Of course, he derives his meaning in life from being the “Atheist Quote Bot,” so the closed-mind makes sense. And then….Great Atheist Finale:

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