Do Teachers Have a Pedophilia Problem?

If you check the news regularly, it appears that a significant number of teachers engage in some sexual acts with their students.  Here are just a few examples from this one news article:

*A Pasadena ISD elementary teacher is charged with indecency with a child after he allegedly took a photo up a first grade girl’s skirt. Luis Pasos, 42, was also accused of being inappropriate with the girl’s 14-year-old sister.

*He was a former teacher of the year at Clear Creek ISD. Now Oscar Perez is charged with the continuous sexual abuse of a child. Allegations surfaced after a girl told police she was in the third grade when Perez touched her genitals during STAAR test tutoring.Ironically, he told a newspaper reporter in 2009 that students “need to trust you and understand that you are there to help them, and anything they need they can ask you.”

*Alexandria Vera was an English teacher at Aldine ISD accused of getting pregnant with a 13-year-old former student she met during summer school. 

*Michelle Schiffer pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of improper relationship with a student and sex assault of a child. She learned her sentence a short time later.

Look, every day there are new examples of teachers, both male and female, involved in some sexual activity with their underage students. 

Yet there is something else to notice. 

The pedophile teachers in the various news reports likely represent the tip of the iceberg .  That is, they are the ones who got caught.  But note this – when they get caught, it is rarely from another teacher reporting them.  Consider these examples from the same newc story:

*Court documents reveal Schiffer admitted to the relationship after another student informed school officials of her crimes.

*Officers say they learned about the crime after he was heard “bragging to other students” about the alleged threesome.

*The shocking accusations against Steve Amedeo, 39, came to light after the alleged victim’s girlfriend found the text messages on her boyfriend’s phone and turned them in to Milby High School officials.

*Allegations surfaced after a girl told police she was in the third grade when Perez touched her genitals during STAAR test tutoring.

*A woman told deputies that Katy High School science teacher William Massie, 30, had an improper relationship with her 17-year-old daughter

*His wife called the cops after she discovered he was allegedly having a relationship with a student at his high school in Round Rock.

So the pedophiles were caught by other students, parents, and even their own partners.  But no examples of another teacher noticing unusual behavior and reporting on it.  Do educators “look the other way” when one of their colleagues is grooming a child?

Look, I cannot say for sure that the teaching profession has a pedophilia problem, but there are two lines of evidence that suggest this is the case:

1. Reports of teachers having inappropriate sexual contact with children occur daily – simply google “teacher accused” and check the news for the day.

2. When teachers are caught having inappropriate sexual contact with children, it’s rarely another teacher who catches them.

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3 Responses to Do Teachers Have a Pedophilia Problem?

  1. Teachers are the closest thing to a secular equivalent of priests. They are the arbiters of truth and knowledge, smarter and better than everyone else, at least in their own minds. It should come as no surprise that a significant number see themselves as above the laws that govern mere mortals such as you and I.

  2. TFBW says:

    The other reason that schoolteacher paedophilia would go under-reported is that most journalists would far rather discover it in the Catholic Church. They may sill report the schoolteacher incidents, but you can be sure that the headlines will be much bigger and much closer to the front page if the culprit is a Catholic priest.

  3. bluecat57 says:

    Yes, more than the Catholic Church.

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