No, Mr. President, I’ve never known such a somebody

Gee, I wonder what emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine?

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10 Responses to No, Mr. President, I’ve never known such a somebody

  1. Ilíon says:

    It’s the perennial excuse from the Dems and other leftists: “Everyone does it!

  2. TFBW says:

    It may well be common in the Biden family and Epstein’s social circle, but his extrapolation to “everybody” simply suggests that Biden hasn’t interacted with a decent human being in a very long time. I guess that can happen if you’re a lifetime resident of the swamp.

  3. apollyon911 says:

    Sounds like a confession. But, one wonders, how many politicians are compromised?

  4. pennywit says:

    “Everyone knows someone” is a stretch. But revenge porn can be a problem among the younger set.

  5. dpmonahan says:

    The Biden family is blackmail-proof, the media makes sure of that.

  6. TFBW says:

    I wonder what’s in the pipeline which makes the NYT think that admitting the truth of the Hunter Biden Laptop story is a good strategy at this time.

  7. Ilíon says:

    ==I wonder what’s in the pipeline which makes the NYT think that admitting the truth of the Hunter Biden Laptop story is a good strategy at this time.==

    One thing that is in the pipeline is January 21, 2023 — why, it’s only 10 months away.

    “What is significant about January 21, 2023?” you ask. Just this, that it is exactly two years and one day after Joey “The Finger” Biden was installed as President of the United States. It’s going to take a bit of preparatory ground-work to remove Joey “The Finger” Biden from the office and then install the unConstitutional Kamala Sutra in his place; and ten months should just about do it. Then, even though the Constitution prohibits her holding *either* office of president or vice-president, Kamala Sutra can be installed in his place … and those remaining two years won’t count against her “serving” a maximum of eight years, and the pretense of abiding by the Constitution can be maintained for a bit longer.

  8. TFBW says:

    I’m not persuaded. If it were simply about swapping out Biden at a convenient moment, there would be no need for action. The only strategy required there is, “maintain that he’s mentally fit as long as necessary, then tell him to resign or be subject to the 25th.” It’s also not clear why you would need to swap out Biden for Harris unless Biden were actually becoming uncooperative. It’s not like Harris is at all popular, and if you’re going to fortify elections, then it doesn’t matter much who your candidate is anyhow.

  9. Ilíon says:

    I did/do not dispute your suspicion, I merely offer an alternative, one which could even be complementary.

    Also, I’m still not fully convinced that Biden’s apparent mental incompetence isn’t at least partially an act, one that “the media” is in on. Just consider some of the recorded reactions of “the media” to some of his “outbursts”; for instance, the “My butt’s been wiped!” episode — their laughter didn’t strike me as stunned embarrassment, but rather as, “Good show!

    But, ever since the two were installed in those offices, it has been my strong suspicion that the plan was to prop him up, by whatever means necessary, until Jan 21, 2023, and then to have her occupy the presidency for 10 years.

    Harris doesn’t *have* to be popular to “win” her two “re-elections”. Have we learned nothing from 2020? All the Dems need is an “opposition” willing to play pretend with them.

  10. Ilíon says:

    Also, who says they can’t swap out Kamala Sutra *first*, a la Agnew?

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