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Twitter Gender Thoughts

This one is funny: The fact that she has a trans kid and a trans husband and discovered at 44 that she is binary tells us all just how much this is learned behavior. Oh, and if you find her … Continue reading

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When Gender Ideology Becomes Child Abuse

Here is an article that outlines the case of a young girl who got caught up in gender ideology, leading her to harm herself. Penny was just 11 years old when she decided that people online were right — that … Continue reading

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A Schism Among the Ls, Gs, and Ts

A nice article appeared in Newsweek that scores some significant points against the Trans/Queer movement. What makes the article different is that it is written by a gay man. It begins: There is a frightening new version of homophobia pervading … Continue reading

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Gender Propaganda

Check this out They look at you and made a guess? Lies. Maybe they got it right, maybe they got is wrong? More lies. Any teacher reading this to a young child is lying to that child. To appreciate just … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Twitterverse, Episode 6

Question asked: Snarky reply Boom Fish is hooked

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Twitter Trans Thoughts

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If you will recall, Woke Atheist PZ Myers had nightmares about dying from Covid. Yesterday he got another booster shot and had a bad night. Oh, and here are the new cases of covid in his state: Myers is such … Continue reading

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Another Lying Teacher

She lies about not be able to say the word “gay” in class. Then she brags about teaching some statistic that I have not been able to verify. Most likely, she lies.

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American Atheists and White Supremacy

American Atheists recently had a conference where they got to learn about white supremacy.  I myself interpret white supremacy to be the position where one thinks the white race is superior.  But the Far Left interprets it to be whatever … Continue reading

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