Trans Lesbian Accuses Me of White Supremacy (I think)

Got into a short argument on Twitter with a “trans lesbian.” I didn’t know they were a trans lesbian, I just noted a comment where they claimed gender was a social construct. So I replied:

They then went and looked at my profile, saw a recent retweet, and commented. I replied.

The trans lesbian then moves in for the kill and I quickly repel such a move with basic critical thinking:

I think that upset the trans lesbian, so I walk the extra mile:

The trans lesbian begins to lash out, so I try to mercifully end it:

The trans lesbian can’t stop, and needs to lash out some more. Okay, I was trying to be merciful. Time to politely expose the stupidity:

At that point, the trans lesbian blocked me.

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5 Responses to Trans Lesbian Accuses Me of White Supremacy (I think)

  1. OccamsRazor says:

    How many non-sequiturs can you count in Jaimie’s posts?

  2. Dhay says:

    Jamie (OP) > The number of hate crimes shows there are a fair few racists around.

    I note that the 2020 Hate Crime Statistics website (that Jamie linked to) reports there were 8,263 hate crime incidents that year, spread between 15,138 law enforcement agencies. That’s just 0.55 hate crime incidents per law enforcement agency.

    Put another way, it takes nearly two years for the average police force (or other law enforcement agency) to accumulate just one hate crime incident.

    Contra Jamie, the number of hate crimes shows there’s few racists around.


    Let’s put Jamie’s 8,263 hate crime incidents (totalling 11,129 hate crime offenses) into perspective; although not all will be violent — only 7,746 (69.6%) of offenses were ‘Crimes against persons’, and an unreported proportion of those involved violence — a comparison with ‘Number of committed crimes in the United States in 2020, by type of crime’ is useful:
    Violent crime [Implied, against persons — Dhay] (total): 1,313,105

    In comparison with 1,313,105 violent crimes in the US in 2020, Jamie’s lauded figure of 7,746 hate crime offenses against persons is just 0.0006% of that.

    Another way of putting those numbers is that hate crimes (against persons) is vanishingly small proportion of all violent crime. It seems there’s a lot of violent people about, but very few violent racists.

    Although the hate crime figures are sub-itemised for various categories of offender, and provide offense location details as minor as “3.6% occurred at parks/playgrounds”, I note the absence of a ‘White Supremacist’ offender category; from that, I presume from that the number of ‘White Supremacist’ offenses is insignificant, insignificant even in the vanishingly small category of hate crime offenses.

    Contra Jamie, the proportion of hate crimes shows there’s few racists around. And fewer ‘White Supremacist’ racists.

  3. There are plenty of people around who believe they are victims of racism because certain things didn’t go their way or they just somehow *felt* they weren’t welcome in a certain environment.

  4. FZM says:

    The best I can do is show others that your transphobia aligns perfectly happily with “racism isn’t a problem” ideas.

    As per Intersectionality, Transphobia, Colonialism/White Supremacy, Heteronormativity, Patriarchy are all connected in originating among and being the fault of cis-white males.


    In the last two hundred years the exploitation of envy—its mobilization among the masses—coupled with the denigration of individuals, but more frequently of classes, races, nations, or religious communities, has been the key to political success.

    Lately, imo, its possible that these kind of claims about Transphobia and White Supremacy can be seen more as assertions of power and authority on behalf of the people making them, rather than expressing genuine or useful moral concern.

  5. Dhay says:

    Correction to my previous response > In comparison with 1,313,105 violent crimes in the US in 2020, Jamie’s lauded figure of 7,746 hate crime offenses against persons is just 0.0006% of that.

    I’m sure that everyone will have spotted by now that when converting the fraction to a percentage I must have divided by 100 instead of multiplying by 100. My bad. The correct figure is: —

    “Jamie’s lauded figure of 7,746 hate crime offenses against persons is just 0.6% of that.”

    The point I made remains valid: 0.6% is vanishingly small.

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