Guardian Journalist Blocks Me

This is all it took:

These far left activists really are snowflakes.

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5 Responses to Guardian Journalist Blocks Me

  1. Ilíon says:

    Snowflakes and cry-bullies.

  2. TFBW says:

    There’s no point in him paying attention to critics because he’s already quite certain that he’s a good person doing the right thing.

  3. Owen Jones is a truly terrible human being. The very definition of a champagne socialist.

  4. Ilíon says:

    Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), who used himself to be a fairly terrible human being, sometimes highlights the wicked and/or hypocritical antics of Owen Jones.

  5. Dhay says:

    When I looked at the Owen Jones tweet and video that AMZ (@AnxietySugar_) praised, and his last Guardian article, I was initially dubious that “Ah yes, part of a movement and out there “fighting.” You are not a journalist; you are a propagandist…” was fair:

    On the other hand, I then found his 12 April 2022 Guardian article, “To be young and trans is difficult enough – to be rejected by family is unthinkable”, which includes:

    As the great British anti-trans moral panic [Link] escalates ever further – framing the most marginalised minority of the LGBTQ+ rainbow as would-be sexual predators and threats to children – more of those ticking bombs [parental rejection — Dhay] are being set among a new generation.

    I wondered what Jones would describe as “the great British anti-trans moral panic”, so I followed his link and found a Guardian article, “By cancelling its LGBT conference, the government shows its lack of concern for our rights”, by Stonewall’s CEO, Nancy Kelley; the article railed against the UK government for refusing to ban — and ban now, Now, NOW, no delay for further discussion or deliberation acceptable — conversion therapy for Trans people.

    Had only Trans adults been in view, I’m sure the government would have had no hesitation in accepting Kelley’s demand — the government will be banning conversion therapy for all the other letters in LGBTQ — but making conversion therapy for gender dysphoric children illegal is very likely to effectively ban (or deter medical practitioners from attempting, lest they get sued or even struck off) …effectively ban any treatment apart from ‘give the kid what they’re demanding, no questions’; and certainly effectively ban the talking therapies recently strongly recommended in the Interim Report on childrens’ gender dysphoria services.

    For Kelley (as spokesperson for Stonewall) to throw her toys out of the pram, because she couldn’t get her way on that, is ideologically driven extremism.

    Jones owns her article and her views by his approval of her Trans-ideology driven extremism. As a journalist he should be fully aware of the child protection issues informing the government’s refusal to immediately ban conversion therapy for gender dysphoric children, and that that refusal to ban without sorting out the foreseen problems is moderate, is moral and is not anti-Trans; but no, in his representation the government is bowing to “the great British anti-trans moral panic.”

    So, yes, I do indeed consider that Michael’s “”Ah yes, part of a movement and out there “fighting.” You are not a [reputable] journalist; you are a propagandist…” is an apt description of Owen.

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