When Having Two Married Parents Becomes “White Privilege”

Here’s a video about “white privilege”
 that activists and virtue signalers like to share on social media.

If you watch it, you’ll find that the first two examples of “white privilege” are:

  • Having two parents who are still married.
  • If you grow up with a father figure in the house.

I kid you not.  Those are the first two examples raised.

Yet these are not examples of “white privilege”.  These are among the fruits of living a Christian lifestyle.

Christians strive to abstain from sex outside of marriage to minimize the chance of bringing children into existence without father figures in the home.  Christian parents strive to remain married for the sake of their children, so they can have a mother and a father.  It is the Christian community who has long argued for two parent households, with a mother and father.  The secular and pagan communities have condemned and mocked the Christians for this.  Instead, the secular and pagan communities have promoted having as much sex as you want.  With whoever you want (as long as there is “consent.”) and as often as you want.  The secular and pagan communities have advocated for fatherless families, single-parent families, open marriages, and divorce for any reason. In other words, the secular and pagan communities have been pushing a worldview that leads to not having parents who are still married and homes without father figures.

Well, it turns out the anti-white privilege activists have unwittingly admitted the Christians have been right all along.  If having two married parents is a “privilege,” and having a father figure is a “privilege,” then they are admitting such states are indeed better.  For to be privileged is to have a better position in life.  Yet what brought about this “privilege” is not the color of someone’s skin.  It’s adherence to traditions and ethics that are rooted in Christian morality.  In other words, it’s a “privilege” available to anyone.  Simply deny your selfish urges and needs, abandon the secular/pagan way of life, and instead commit to a Christian way of life.

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5 Responses to When Having Two Married Parents Becomes “White Privilege”

  1. Is the secular/pagan hatred for the nuclear family based on their ideology or does it stem from nasty little narcissists hating the fact they grew up under the care of two bigger, stronger people who had control of their money and freedom?

  2. Ilíon says:

    They hate the family because it is a locus of loyalty outside of, and in contrast to, The State. They hate the nuclear family because it is the most “Western” form of family. They hate the intact father+mother nuclear family because it naturally follows from Christian sexual morality.

    They hate the father because they hate the Father.

  3. Jeff S. says:

    What’s even more ironic and weird about the video from the perspective of “white privilege” is that two married parents with a family at home is common throughout the non-Western, non-Christian world as well. My guess is that a very large percentage of kids are raised by married parents in the Muslim (Arab, Persian, and Asian) world. I then think of the ‘Confucian’ societies — China, Japan, Korea, etc. Nuclear families are very common.

  4. I would imagine most of those societies fall under some combination of: traditional, collectivist and/or sufficiently poor that the nuclear family is the only viable option.

    It’s only the West that individual autonomy takes priority over almost everything else.

  5. Ilíon says:

    I don’t think you fellows understand what ‘nuclear family’ means, nor what it means for a society to be organized around the nuclear family.

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