Queer Professor Seeks to Normalize Pedophilia

Several months ago, we learned about the trans professor, Dr. Allyn Walker who was arguing for the need to destigmatize pedophilia. 

And now we have another:

Very much the same arguments Walker would make. 

Might we have a community of queer academics trying to come up with a set  of arguments to normalize pedophilia?

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7 Responses to Queer Professor Seeks to Normalize Pedophilia

  1. TFBW says:

    These are merely the fragmented echoes of the late 20th century school of depraved Continental philosophers such as Foucault, Sartre, and Derrida.


  2. Nuke1776 says:

    So stunning and brave, these “queer” activists. I suppose a silver lining of the present collapse in social norms and mores is that it puts the lie to the “Enlightenment”. It’s now painfully obvious that human rationality, ungrounded in an unassailable morality (preferably Christianity, due to its being true, but other moralities can at least limit human depravity), only leads to increasingly bizarre and evil acts being called “moral”, because when all is said and done, “morality” becomes mere preference and anybody can do the mental gymnastics to justify their pet perversion. Or, as we see more and more with the Alphabet Soup crowd, skip the mental gymnastics altogether and simply assert your license to commit evil and debauched acts full stop.

  3. bluecat57 says:

    So, if they have to “normalize” something
    That means it is currently abnormal. aka Deviant

  4. Ilíon says:

    ==So stunning and brave, these “queer” activists.==

    Since this particular one is a furriner, maybe it’s “Much stunning! Many bravery!”

    In any event, no society nor individual can perform the fence-sitting act of keeping one foot firmly planted in righteousness while the other even dabbles in perversion. There is no such thing as “just a little bit” of perversion; any “acceptable level” of perversion must perforce spread throughout the individual or society, and must result in attempting to suppress any opposing virtues.

    Here is an old post on my blog the seems appropos — https://iliocentrism.blogspot.com/2009/04/splitting-difference.html

  5. If homosexuality is an innate and unchangeable thing, I suppose by the same logic sexual attraction to children must also be. While they state that “MAP”s should not act on these urges, I expect it’ll only be a matter of time until that gets caveated out of existence.

  6. Ilíon says:

    ==If homo[philia] is an innate and unchangeable thing, [which therefore cannot be judged nor condemned, then] I suppose by the same logic== that “homophobia” is *also* “an innate and unchangeable thing,” which therefore cannot be judged nor condemned.

    Leftists never apply their logic consistently, which means that they don’t take it seriously — which means that it is “argued” disingenuously … like everything else they say.

  7. If you were asked to put together a sketch of what a creepy enabler of child sexual abuse would look like, Ole Martin Moen’s face is probably what you’d come up with.

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