Not the Real Thing

When I asked for the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman,  woke atheist Archon wrote, “Lia could state that she is a Cincinnati Reds fan, a non-smoker, a vegetarian, and likes heavy metal music, and you have to accept that.”

Kevin, a longtime reader of this blog, replied:

Well no, we don’t have to accept that. It means something to be a Cincinnati Reds fan, a non-smoker, a vegetarian, or a heavy metal fan. And since it means something, Lia’s claims are subject to verification against the criteria for being those things.

If Lia owns no Reds gear and watches no Reds games and never talks about their games, there is no reason to accept the claim of being a Reds fan. If Lia smokes, there is no reason to accept the claim of being a non-smoker. If Lia eats bacon and sausage for every breakfast, there is no reason to accept the claim of being a vegetarian. If Lia owns no heavy metal music and only listens to bluegrass and folk, there is no reason to accept the claim of being a heavy metal fan.

This is an excellent point.  It also explains why the woke struggle so mightily with such a basic question as, “What is a woman?”  To answer that question, we’d all normally use criteria that would end up excluding trans women as women.  So on one hand, the woke can’t use the standard verification criteria and, on the other hand, they have no way to answer the question without sounding like some esoteric kook. 

But I think we can build on Kevin’s point to take this criticism even deeper.

Let’s say that you do meet someone who claims to be a Cincinnati Reds fan.  They have a Reds t-shirt on, along with Reds face-painting, they’re holding a Reds pennant flag, and prancing about while shouting, “Woo Hoo, Go Reds!”

You ask the person who their favorites Reds pitcher is.  They can’t answer.  Huh?  So you ask them to name some of the Reds pitchers.  They can name one who is in the news a lot, but no one else.  Then when you ask them which game they last attended, they can’t answer that.  It occurs to you this person is not truly a Reds fan as they don’t have the knowledge and awareness that would come with being a true Reds fan.  What you have instead is someone trying to mimic a Reds fan (for whatever reason).  And because they don’t have the expereince/knowledge of a true Reds fan, they must rely on stereotypes about baseball fans to guide them, resulting in overcompensation. 

Might this not be the very dynamic occurring with many trans women (for example)?  Since they are not truly women (which is why they are “trans”), they don’t have the inner sense and knowledge of being a woman.  Thus, when it comes time to the transition, they rely on stereotypes about women to guide them “how to feel.”  And then, many end up overcompensating.  Perhaps what we have among the trans population are the human expressions of sexual mimicry:

Sexual mimicry occurs when one sex mimics the opposite sex in its behavior, appearance, or chemical signalling. 

Given that sexual mimicry is common in the animal world, it could be involved with some of the trans population.  What this would mean is that even if there was some genetic or hormonal basis for some trans behavior, it would not necessarily mean the trans woman is a woman.  It could simply mean the trans woman is a sexual mimic – one sex mimics the opposite sex in its behavior or appearance.

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2 Responses to Not the Real Thing

  1. This makes sense. There is no way a male can say “I feel like a woman” because he has no idea what “a woman” feels like. All he can do is copy the outward appearance, clothing and certain behaviours that he sees in the women he wants to be. But he doesn’t have to put up with some of the more negative aspects of being a woman, such as menstruation or physical vulnerability.

  2. Nuke1776 says:

    I agree with this, especially about mimicry, since that gets to the fundamental issue that really this is about people who cannot in principle know what it is like to be the opposite sex pressing on anyway with a hanfisted attempt to make themselves what they cannot be.

    I do think the baseball fan analogy only goes so far though, as what a fan is is subjective. After all, sports teams that suddenly become good after years of mediocrity will have truckloads of “t-shirt fans” come on board, like the Reds fan in the given example. Are they not true fans? That depends. They may like the team, like the idea of the team winning, etc. but not care enough to follow the team’s ins and outs. I wouldn’t say they’re not a fan, though, and I think that this analogy could ultimately play into the Leftist’s hand of chalking everything up to being a social construction. After all, baseball fandom is ultimately just a state of mental being with no requirement for physical ontology. But sex is not subjective, and that’s where their ideology runs into the wall. Either it’s a social construct (gender they would say), in which case one can consider himself a woman with no change in appearance or behavior needed, or it’s not, in which case no amount of changes can overcome the ontological reality staring them in the face.

    I know somebody mentioned the famous “what is it like to be a bat” problem for the mind as matter construction of the conscious. I think that fits well here too. A man claiming he is a woman because he feels like one is absurd, but at least somewhat understandable because at least he and women share the commonality of being human. But if a man claims he is a bat because he feels like one? That might be a bridge to far for many of the Woke (though hardly all…), and it’s easy to see by analogy why it is then silly to think as a man you could know at all what it is like to be a woman.

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