School Board Continues to Defend Sex Fetish Teacher Using Trans Talking Points

As you listen to this school board member defend the teacher with the clownishly giant, fake breasts, notice how he sounds like a cult member citing his cult’s doctrine. The reason this story is significant is that sane, reasonable people know this is all wrong, yet those in power on forcing it on us.

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3 Responses to School Board Continues to Defend Sex Fetish Teacher Using Trans Talking Points

  1. If there’s no dress code for staff, could a teacher turn up in say a Klan hood?

  2. Dhay says:

    > A male teacher is wearing kink gear in front of students to sexually excite himself,…

    Lemieux is not wearing massive prosthetic breasts to signal she is genuinely a woman. In her 22 September 2022 Spiked article entitled, “Trans: a fetishised view of womanhood”, Jo Bartosch opines:

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if a man stuffs a bra with a modest handful of tissues or hefts around a massive pair of silicon mammaries, the idea that such a costume is a sincere expression of womanly ‘gender identity’ is beyond insulting to women.

    She also points out what is generally missed, or passed over without comment, namely:

    …To complete the look, he also dons … and a wincingly snug pair of cycling shorts.

    I cannot vouch for “wincingly snug”, what with the blackness of the shorts and the poor lighting — though I’m not familiar with cycling shorts that aren’t tight and snug, are there any? — but presumably they function as they appear to have functioned for Michael (“Cycle Shorts”) Shermer when he was active on the atheist conference circuit, namely as an in-your-face masculine virility symbol that highlights Lemieux’s penis and maleness.


    Given that trans-activist ideology is that women — trans-women, anyway — can and do have penises, and given that the Canadian government and law supports that ideology, I presume that the dress code (or lack of) for teachers must, alongside allowing those 36 pound prosthetic breasts, also allow Lemieux to accompany the breasts with a 36 pound prosthetic penis within those tight cycle shorts.

    I await with interest Lemieux’s next step in boundary-pushing.

  3. Dhay says:

    > …that there is a dress code for students, not for staff.

    That will change. Under what looks like increasing pressure from near and far, the School Board has voted to bring in a staff dress code:

    At a meeting of the HDSB on Wednesday, trustee Tracey Ehl Harrison put forward a motion that ‘the director be requested to return to the board, by November 2022, a report addressing the various considerations regarding dress code.’ The motion was approved unanimously.

    I trust the staff dress code will apply a standard at least as high as the student dress code does.


    Students said the heavy police presence is more interesting than Lemieux’s heavy prosthetics.

    Not that interesting, then.

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