Are Climate Change Activists More of a Threat than Climate Change?

Here is an interesting perspective to consider: If North America succumbs to childish platitudes championed by energy know-nothings, it risks becoming the next Europe, writes the group of energy commentators known as Doomberg.

Here is an excerpt:

Many politicians in the US want to close existing nuclear power plants, oppose the development of reliable fossil fuels at virtually every opportunity, attack existing energy infrastructure choke points, and constrain capital for future development.

This behaviour seems virtually indistinguishable from what the US would be doing if an adversarial foreign power were in charge of its affairs, and much of it is driven by privately funded and egregiously extremist environmental groups.

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4 Responses to Are Climate Change Activists More of a Threat than Climate Change?

  1. Ilíon says:

    Short answer: “Yes!”

  2. All so-called “green” initiatives make life worse for everyone except the rich who aren’t affected by them.

    Most working people are more concerned about being able to feed their kids today than they are about the state the planet might be in after they’re dead. Most working people can’t afford e.g. an electric vehicle.

    It’s a religion for people who have rejected God but still need something to satisfy their longings for a higher meaning and purpose. Greta the Swedish doom goblin was (she’s over 18 now) literally its child saint.

  3. Mck2 says:

    @nihilist2christian: Some sad truths there. As much as I’m for weaning the planet off fossil fuels…I’m a proponent of nuclear power. There are ways to build safer and much more efficient nuclear power plants today. Of course, there will be concerns about dealing with the storage of used fuel rods and the possibility of accidents. But notice how few accidents there have been with nuclear power plants versus coal and natural gas and other types of power plants?

    Seems like nuclear’s got a pretty good safety record.

    And I remember some claiming that the Fukushima disaster was because the reactors were poorly designed. Wrong. In the case of Fukushima, the reactors shut down according to plan, but it was nature–in the form of the tsunami that lead to the eventual disaster.

    Germany shutting down their nuclear plants was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    And yes, sadly, Greta’s “We’re dead in ten years!” attitude isn’t helping. Then again, having a “Doomsday+1” attitude doesn’t help, period. I’ve found that those who keep pushing for green initiatives always seem to forget that 1)they take time and 2) they take a lot of money to develop.

    And don’t even get me started on the NIMBY attitude of some who call for rapid change.

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