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Woke Professor Upset Twitter No Longer Heavily Censors

As we all know, the Woke Left depends on censorship and often advocates vigorously for the censorship of dissenting opinion. This type of heavy-handed censorship was common on Twitter, where, for example, your site would be banned simply for using … Continue reading

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Post-Roe Prediction Looking Good

Back in June, I noted: Now that Roe v. Wade has been discarded, will this translate as a huge shift in votes for the Democrats in November?  I doubt it…….Second, if the economy was good, an issue like abortion could … Continue reading

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Teaching assistant, mentor to “drag kids,” and surprise (!) – pedophile

One problem……

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Protesting the Protesters

This cracked me up….

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Internet Atheists

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Trans people are sacred, divine, a god for the godless

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More Pedophiles in Position of Influence

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