More Pedophiles in Position of Influence

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5 Responses to More Pedophiles in Position of Influence

  1. Murdering children in the womb and mutilating children’s bodies in the name of gender ideology are already seen not just as acceptable but as virtues which cannot be criticised.

    Why would anyone think that paedophilia will be any different?

  2. Dhay says:

    The “Uranus upsetting the status quo on gender and sexuality” blog post by astrologer Marjorie Orr contains an interesting litany of people promoting the paedophile/MAP cause:

    Two pro-paedophilia groups were also started when Uranus changed sign. The UK Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in 1975 as Uranus went into Scorpio. And the US pro-paedophilia B4U-Act founded in 2003 by convicted child molester Michael Melsheimer, as Uranus moved into Pisces. …

    Skipping across the charts of high profile pro-paedophilia spokesman like Tom O’Carroll, the convicted ex-head of the PIE, 8 August 1945 and Ian Dunn, the PIE co-founder, 1 May 1943 [astrology]

    Ralph Underwager, co-founder of the ‘False Memory’ (FMSF) movement in the US and reputedly the creator of the ‘false memory’ concept which sought to undercut allegations of child abuse, was also pro-paedophilia, 28 July 1929. [astrology] He likened paedophiles to Christ on the way to Calvary and claimed it was a feminist conspiracy that condemned underage sex.

    Richard Green, an American psychiatrist, a vocal advocate of ‘false memory’ of child abuse, who worked in a London transgender Clinic in the 1990s, 6 June 1936, was [astrology]. He was in addition friendly with O’Carroll and wrote a foreword to his 2010 Michael Jackson book. Green hosted pro-pornography conferences in the US as well.

    Michael Melsheimer, 21 August 1942, founder of B4U-Act, another Sun Leo [astrology]

    There’s a whole messy hinterland in the ‘alternative’ sexualities universe. Not all are connected or support each other. But they do all share a rich seam of anger at being outside the established order and a law-unto-themselves determination to upset the status quo. They are driven by a conviction that their cause is righteous and everyone else is wrong.

    Orr, an astrologer, calls out child abuse, the use of queer theory by prominent abusers to justify their abuse and provides the names of the more prominent abusers.

  3. Dhay says:

    The Planned Parenthood website footer declares that:

    Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. [And that it’s a charity.]

    Funny, I always knew Planned Parenthood — since way, way back — as the contraception advice go-to organisation. Looks like mission creep has set in, they now appear to be providing hormone treatments, on demand, to children. (FAQs clarify, if over age 16):

    Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy
    Our expert staff welcome everyone who needs care. To book an appointment, call us on … or book online today.

    What to Expect on Your First Visit and Beyond
    Before you visit, please call to make an appointment and request gender affirming hormone therapy. [Emboldening original.]

    If you click on the ‘Learn More – First Visit and Beyond’ button you’ll find they add:

    In most cases your clinician will be able to prescribe hormones the same day as your first visit. No letter from a mental health provider is required. …

    What’s required is just the filling out of a questionnaire beforehand, then, during the appointment, “baseline lab work (blood draw).”

    Yes, Planned Parenthood is fully into what’s arguably child abuse.


    Planned Parenthood came to my attention through Jerry Coyne blogging an “Inside The Classroom” Tweet, showing a Planned Parenthood explanatory video for the role hormone blockers have for trans-kids:

    I couldn’t find this on the Planned Parenthood website, though there’s unrelated videos in the same graphic style.

  4. Just as a man looks at his wife in her mid to late 30s and wishes she could stay young and pretty forever, I can understand why paedophiles would want children to “put their puberty on hold” and remain in a pre-pubescent state forever.

  5. Dhay says:

    A 12 October 2022Reduxx article, “UK: Politician Calls for Police Investigation into Trans Youth Charity”, by Genevieve Gluck, lists a number of other scandals involving Mermaids charity staff:

    There’s further details and graphic images at Maya Forstater’s “This is not a culture war. It is a war on safeguarding”:

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