So We’re Supposed to Believe This, Too.

As we read the article, you’ll eventually encounter this gem:

In September, Alme confessed to iNyheter that his identity as a disabled woman was sexually motivated. When the question of whether or not he was acting on the impulse to live out a sexual fetish was broached, Alme replied, “I don’t know, maybe so.”…….Initially, Alme told Agnes that his dressing in her clothing, preoccupation with shoes, and desire to use a wheelchair was a sexual fetish – a narrative which he shifted to focus on Body Integrity Disorder after she expressed her distress.

I’m starting to suspect that most of this transgender behavior is just a sexual fetish being played out. Yet it shields itself behind the label of a “disorder.” Which, of course, cannot be described by others as a form of mental illness.

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1 Response to So We’re Supposed to Believe This, Too.

  1. nihilist2christian says:

    The irony is that if these people could somehow undergo a magical transformation and become the thing they fetishize over and claim to identify as, they would probably no longer find it sexually appealing.

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