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The Woke Mourn a Child Killer

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Are School Shooters and Social Justice Extremists on the Same Spectrum?

Originally posted on Shadow To Light:
Birgit Pfeifer of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Ruard R. Ganzevoort of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam published an article entitled The Implicit Religion of School Shootings: Existential Concerns of Perpetrators Prior to Their Crime.  (HT:…

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A Woke Rant

That reponse almost restored my faith in humanity.

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Trans Activists Justify the Killing of Small Christian Children

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Transgender person hunts down and kills Christian children

Oh, and those Christian kids had it coming:

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Is Atheism Contributing to the Rise in Mental Illness?

As we know, the newest generation (Gen Z) has turned out to be the least religious and most atheistic we have seen for the last century: In terms of identity, Generation Z is the least religious generation yet. More than … Continue reading

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Why is God a He?

Is God non-binary?   Gender activists will claim this is true, arguing that God does not have a physical body, therefore it makes no sense to refer to God with male (or female) pronouns.  While this may be an issue with … Continue reading

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Check out the training video on rhe bottom and watch just how subservient we are all supposed to be. The upper video encourages people to become moral busybodies.

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The Irrational and Harsh Thoughts of Masha Gessen

Let’s consider some excerpts from trans author, Masha Gessen, as reported in the New Yorker.  I think it exposes some core incoherency and harshness that comes with gender ideology.  First, consider this: Judith Butler, who certainly did not invent the … Continue reading

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Trans Power

Just more evidence of how powerful Gender Ideology has become: They are so afraid to speak their mind, and when they do, they virtue signal hysterically. Yet there is one woman who is willing to bravely answer 2+2 = 4. … Continue reading

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