Trans Activists Justify the Killing of Small Christian Children

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6 Responses to Trans Activists Justify the Killing of Small Christian Children

  1. I think a large number of these people have crossed the Rubicon of sanity and human decency, and there will never be a way back for them.

  2. Ilíon says:

    Car-inge Jean-Pierre: “How many more children have – have to be murdered before Republicans in Congress will step up and act to pass the assault weapons ban …. [blah, blah, blah]”

    Translation from Leftist to English: “How many more children do our ideological allies have to murder before you people agree to make yourselves defenseless before us?”

  3. Gary Good says:

    This is the same rational liberals in Europe used to justify Hitler.

  4. Toaa says:

    Of course they’ll justify it, they despise Christians and the media and culture makes it acceptable to do so. A more important question is why aren’t any Christian leaders speaking out about this attack? A while ago I posted about the rampant Christophobia and radicalization of the far left/secularists on this very blog, I called this attack. I knew the Christophobes were gonna do their usual thing but this is the first time I’ve seen the media and pundits literally take the side of the terrorist while actively villainizing the victims. The third-way winsome approach is over. It’s done. It has been rendered completely useless in the face of what our true cultural challenge is at this moment as Christians in America, as seen so clearly in Nashville yesterday. We need leaders who’ll stand up for us, unite us and guide us in the face of this very real onslaught. There’s no one coming to help us, there’s no one standing with or for us. At the least the Christians of the US ought to rally behind the survivors, defend them and perhaps start a fund to assist them in their time of grief. That the so called ‘Trans day of vengeance’ protest is still happening in a few days is an insult to the memories of those victims who have passed on and shoud serve as a true disgrace that the Christians of the US are so without love for their brethren that they’ll sit back and allow that travesty to take place. No other group behaves this way, no other group would allow such a thing especially after their own were recently butchered by the very group protesting for ‘vengeance’. Western Christians have to learn to love their fellow Christians again.

  5. Dhay says:

    The organisers of the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ claim it’s a mere coincidence that the murders happened just days before their event; but it’s a striking coincidence, too striking not to raise serious doubt that there was no connection intended.

    I suspect that choosing to murder on a weekday before the weekend event was deliberate, to deliberately associate the two; had the school been open on the event day itself, probably the murders would have been on the event day.

    The upcoming protest was initially to be called the Trans Day of Visibility but rebranded as ‘vengeance means fighting back with vehemence,’ the group said.

    ‘It is our battle cry to declare to the world that we the transgender/non-binary communities will neither be silenced nor eradicated.’ …

    ‘We also reject any connection between that horrific event and outs.

    ‘Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence. We are fighting against false narratives, criminalization, and eradication of our existence.’

    No, vengeance means violent revenge (or closely similar): see any dictionary, or ask anyone. Ill-educated and illiterate though the organiser is, here (“outs”) and in other quotes, nobody is so ill-educated and illiterate that they do not know the meaning, usage and common understanding of “vengeance.”


    Audrey Hale was a woman wanting to be a man. The multiple murders of a ‘school shooting’ is the ultimate fantasy narrative macho experience; the violence declares, Hey, look at me, I’m a real man now.

  6. Dhay says:

    I see the organisers cancelled the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’, recently re-named from ‘Trans Day of Visibility’, because of the threatened danger to participants.

    But I suppose they can console themselves that Audrey Hale’s trailer for the Day has succeeded in achieving the Day’s aims, even though the Day itself cannot go ahead: the Day’s former aim was trans visibility, and Hale has certainly succeeded in making trans visibility very visible; the Day’s latest aim is trans vengeance, and Hale has certainly succeeded in making the threat of trans vengeance very visible.


    Hale, 28 years old, was still living in her parents’ home, surrounded by her parents’ community and values. She didn’t have to be there, she could have moved out, become independent of them. Nobody forced her to be there, nobody forced her to be murderous. Hers was the rage of someone privileged and entitled, someone murderously resentful because she could not enjoy the fruits of that privilege and entitlement with no strings attached.

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