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How Social Justice Activists Think

Nora Berenstain,  an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Tennesse,  is also a hardcore advocate of social justice ideology.  Let’s have a look at her FB posting from last year that berated Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at … Continue reading

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“Christian Privilege” Falsified

Back in June of 2016, Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a terrorist attack inside Pulse, which was a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Yet some very interesting facts have emerged since the trial of  Omar … Continue reading

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Persian, Female, Vegan, Animal Rights Activist, Shooter

From here Nasim Aghdam has been identified as the suspect who opened fire outside of the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, on Tuesday, April 3, according to NBC News. The suspect was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. … Continue reading

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Itching to normalize incest?

According to Wiki, “PinkNews is a UK-based online newspaper marketed to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT).”  Last week, they posted an article that sure looks as if it begins the work of trying to normalize incest: A quick … Continue reading

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Activist David Hogg: Better that kids should die than be embarrassed

From here: Conservative Twitter is mocking Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor David Hogg for his complaint to Axios about the school’s clear backpack policy, an apparent added security measure students are supposed to come back to after spring … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage

Activist Jerry Coyne writes: Far too many Americans see student lives as collateral damage to the necessary production and ownership of guns. That’s just sick. Ah, yes. That smug, fake sense of being “woke.” Problem is that Coyne already views … Continue reading

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Save the Children

With the latest school shooting in Florida, the atheist activists joined the “Ban the guns to save the kids” chorus. Here are just a few examples. PZ Myers wrote: We are allowing kids to be slaughtered and traumatized so the … Continue reading

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Activists: Modern Day Propagandists

We live in a time when many people seem to be proud of being “an activist.”  They think it a good thing.  There are professors who think incorporating activism into the course is a good thing. I am different.  I … Continue reading

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Activists and Social Media

Jerry Coyne was perplexed by something that is not all that difficult to understand.  He responded to an article by Jesse Singal who tries to make the case that social media is making us all dumber.   He quotes Singal: That’s … Continue reading

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Wilfrid Laurier University Admits Wrongdoing

Yesterday I pointed out that faculty and administrators at Wilfrid Laurier University were engaged in an unethical abuse of power.   Since this behavior became widely known, thanks to the student wisely taping her interrogation, the University has been forced to … Continue reading

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