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Philosopher Emily Thomas is Wrong. The Universe is Not Too Big for God.

Emily Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Durham University.  She posted an argument for atheism – Does the Size of the Universe Prove God Doesn’t Exist? She argues: God is human-oriented: human beings are like God, and he … Continue reading

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Free Will: Evidence for God

Does atheism entail determinism?  Jerry Coyne seems to think so.  He makes it quite clear how his views of determinism follow from his acceptance of atheism/materialism: The best answer I can give (besides reading Sean Carroll’s “The Big Picture”) is … Continue reading

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The Atheist’s Where’s Waldo Approach

Over the years, I have shown the fatal flaws inherent in the atheists’ demand for evidence of God’s existence.  We have seen such demands completely ignore the subjective dimension of all evidence and mistakenly treat evidence as if it can … Continue reading

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Since when did the ham-handed approach become the smart approach?

Let’s consider the rationale behind Jerry Coyne’s self-image of being smarter than all theists simply because he is not a theist. Coyne wrote: And many public intellectuals—and virtually all accomplished scientists—are atheists. Why? Because there’s no credible evidence for God. … Continue reading

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Sam Harris acknowledges “a kind of miracle.”

In his discussion with Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris makes a very interesting point at 38:45: There is just the fact that within the Darwinian conception of how we got here, there’s no reason to believe that our cognitive faculties have … Continue reading

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The Silly “One Less God” Argument

The Secular Student Alliance has a silly stunt backed up by a silly argument: Graveyard of the Gods is a farewell to humanity’s forgotten deities. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that there are thousands upon thousands of gods that … Continue reading

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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Argument From Evil: Toothless and Useless

The modern day atheist movement has only one argument to support atheism – The Argument From Evil.  Anytime an atheist tries to make the case that there is no God, chances are extremely high that some version of the Argument … Continue reading

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Friendly Atheist Claims Science and Religion are Incompatible. He’s Wrong.

Brace yourselves. The Friendly Atheist has shown us that Religion and Science are Incompatible: Oh boy. Throughout Mehta’s four minute sermon, there is not one single original thought or argument.  Instead, Mehta simple regurgitates old talking points that apparently derive … Continue reading

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Is atheism no different than atoothfairyism?

In the syllabus for Peter Boghossian’s university class on atheistic apologetics, we are told: Logically and epistemologically, atheism is no different than atoothfairyism. Really?  In the same syllabus, we are also told: This course is a systematic examination and analysis … Continue reading

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The Universe Could be a Simulation and It’s Creator Just Can’t Be God(!)

From Scientific American: If you, me and every person and thing in the cosmos were actually characters in some giant computer game, we would not necessarily know it. The idea that the universe is a simulation sounds more like the … Continue reading

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