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Why Was That Published?!!

There is very little difference between a New Atheist activist and a Social Justice activist.  Consider atheist activist Jerry Coyne.   He is such a snowflake that it won’t be long before he starts demanding trigger warnings when certain topics come … Continue reading

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God of the Gaps Atheism

The militant atheist movement is built on the belief that there is no evidence for God. Of course, such atheists are entitled to their opinions on this matter, but because of their militancy, and the way it serves their agenda, … Continue reading

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How to Predict the Next Fallen Atheist Leader

If you check this page, you will see a list of those who received the Richard Dawkins Award. In 2016, it was awarded to Lawrence Krauss. In 2017, it was awarded to David Silverman. Warning to Michael Shermer – since … Continue reading

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New Atheism’s Most Feared Super-Villian

Some atheists have begun to liken PZ Myers to a super-villain in a Batman story because of the damage he has done to the New Atheist movement.  And I can see why.  If you think about it, PZ’s destructive influence … Continue reading

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David Silverman was a “Proud Feminist”

In his book, Fighting God, David Silverman writes that he is a “proud feminist.”  Amy Roth, over at SkepChick, publicly thanked Silverman for “standing with us” for implementing strict anti-harassment policies at American Atheist meetings.   Feminist PZ Myers even spent … Continue reading

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American Atheist Leader Fired for Creepy Sexual Misconduct and Financial Conflicts

Buzzfeed exposes the creepy sexual behavior of yet another leader in the Atheist Movement: David Silverman, a firebrand atheist with a knack for generating publicity for his cause, has been abruptly fired as president of American Atheists, one of the … Continue reading

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Here we go again

From Here On the evening of Saturday, April 7, 2018, the American Atheists Board of Directors received a complaint regarding David Silverman, the President of American Atheists. The Board takes very seriously the concerns expressed and, in accordance with organization … Continue reading

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Sam Harris: Rape is not as bad as religion.

Consider just how radicalized Sam Harris is: Harris: I can be even more inflammatory than that. If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of either rape or religion, I would not hesitate to get rid of religion. … Continue reading

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The Passionate Atheist

You have probably heard of the Amazing Atheist.  And the Friendly Atheist. Even the Happy Atheist.  Today, meet The Passionate Atheist, someone who seems to perfectly exemplify the extremes of both the New Atheists and the Social Justice Atheists. Check … Continue reading

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Physicist Sean Carroll Misrepresents Science

Several years ago, physicist Sean Carroll laid out his core argument for the “incompatibility” of science and religion: The reason why science and religion are actually incompatible is that, in the real world, they reach incompatible conclusions. It’s worth noting … Continue reading

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