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Domestic Dispute or Hate?

While it is certainly reasonable to surmise that Devin Kelley nursed a hatred of religion and this hatred was likely a contributing factor to his mass murder of religious people, another contributing factor appears to be an underlying domestic dispute … Continue reading

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Looking More Closely at Devin Kelley’s Atheism

We have seen that Devin Kelley, the mass murderer who killed 26 people in a Texas church, was likely an atheist.  But as I also mentioned, I don’t think you can make the case that mere atheism was a causal … Continue reading

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Times Have Changed

Get Salman Rushdie and Richard Dawkins to headline the Global Atheist Convention and it gets cancelled for lack of interest. It is with regret that we advise that the 2018 Global Atheist Convention has been cancelled. More details at … Continue reading

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Friendly Atheist Logic

Back on October 3, atheist activist Hemant Mehta responded to speculations that the Las Vegas mass murderer was motivated by anti-religious sentiments: And even if this person had an animosity against religion, why the hell would he shoot up a … Continue reading

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Did the Friendly Atheist Jump to Conclusions about the Texas Church Murderer?

“Friendly Atheist” Hemant Mehta tells us he doesn’t want to “jump to any conclusions” about the religious views of mass murderer Devin Kelley.  Yet he wrote the following on his popular atheist blog (a blog that was liked by Kelley): … Continue reading

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Texas church shooter was a fan of the Friendly Atheist blog

As you have probably heard, Devin Kelley murdered 26 people while they were in church in Texas.  And it looks like he was a fan of several atheist groups. According to this article, several of his old classmates remember he … Continue reading

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Kevin Spacey Tries to Have Sex with a Boy and Friendly Atheist Blames Christians

The Friendly Atheist blog is becoming quite a source of hefty amusement these days.  In our latest installment of Friendly Atheist Zaniness, Hemant Mehta actually takes the news of  actor Kevin Spacey trying to have sex with a fourteen year … Continue reading

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The New Atheist Movement: An Autopsy

There seem to be more and more articles out there trying to explain the demise of the New Atheist movement.  Jerry Coyne recently commented on one and offered his own analysis.  Since none of these articles seems especially insightful , … Continue reading

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He Lives is Back

There are some good blog postings over at the He Lives blog. In Science v. Science+, David exposes a core problem with the “science and religion are incompatible” talking point that is so commonly embraced by New Atheists.   It turns … Continue reading

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Did Overconfidence Hasten the Demise of the New Atheists?

As most of us know, Elevatorgate sparked the ultimate demise of the New Atheist movement.   If you are a new reader who doesn’t know what Elvatorgate is, I highly recommend Conservapedia’s article, as they do an excellent job outlining the … Continue reading

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