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The Despair of Social Justice Atheism

Atheism is inherently nihilistic.  Of course, many atheists will forcefully deny this.  Yet I think such denial is rooted in a simple coping mechanism- distraction.  That is, as long as the atheist can remain distracted from the implications of their … Continue reading

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Is David Benatar’s Anti-natalism Rooted in Atheism?

From this article on Big Think: Welcome to anti-natalism, a small but lively corner of philosophy that, in our time of climate change, prospects of nuclear war, and divisive populist politics, has been growing of late. Though David Benatar, one … Continue reading

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Domestic Dispute or Hate?

While it is certainly reasonable to surmise that Devin Kelley nursed a hatred of religion and this hatred was likely a contributing factor to his mass murder of religious people, another contributing factor appears to be an underlying domestic dispute … Continue reading

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Purpose of the day

Russ Douthat caused Jerry Coyne to have another tantrum. There is no need to respond to the whole rant, but this part begs for commentary: Yes, secularism does propose a physical and purposeless universe, and many (but not all) of … Continue reading

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Ethical Nihilism

Atheism is intrinsically linked to nihilism.  Atheists will deny this.  But it doesn’t change anything.  However, now and then, some atheist thinker will come along and acknowledge this truth.  Someone like the philosopher of science Alex Rosenberg.  Below the fold … Continue reading

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