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Blast From the Past

They’re back! Trying to recapture that old magic.  I guess there is hope someone will also bring back Will & Grace. For some reason, I also found this  amusing. Then I realized what it is.  Poor Sam.  Wrote the first Gnu … Continue reading

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The Rambow Effect: How Moderate Views Fuel Extremism

Henry Rambow wrote an article which essentially regurgitates Sam Harris’s argument about religious moderates being blamed for the existence of extreme religious fundamentalists. Like Harris, Rambow approaches the whole issue with incredible tunnel vision.  He seems oblivious to the fact … Continue reading

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New Atheist Subtle Attack on Science

What do you do if you are an activist who does not do science, but want your activism to be perceived as science so you can exploit the cultural authority of science to carry out your activist agenda? Well, you … Continue reading

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Mythers vs. Sam Harris

Instead of complaining that mainstream scholars don’t embrace Mytherism, the Mythers should be concerned that they have yet to convince all the New Atheists. Over at, Harris’s spirituality book is promoted as follows: Waking Up is for the twenty percent … Continue reading

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Trying to Defend Sam Harris

Militant atheist Jerry Coyne recently promoted an article by militant atheist Jeffrey Taylor.  The shared theme was to defend militant atheist Sam Harris (something Coyne apparently discussed with militant atheist Peter Boghossian). Coyne’s defense of Harris is pathetic.  He complains: … Continue reading

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Sam Harris, Omer Aziz, and Motivations

I finally got a chance to listen to Sam Harris’s podcast debate with Omer Aziz. Before getting to the debate, Harris spends the first 30 minutes of his podcast explaining how he is right about everything. It clearly went on … Continue reading

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Criticisms of Sam Harris Are A Stumbling Block to Getting a Great President

New Atheist activist PZ Myers received a very concerned letter from a Sam Harris Fan: Dear PZ, Can I please ask you to refrain from insulting and writing about Sam Harris in the negative. I don’t know what you expect … Continue reading

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Sam Harris Can’t Stop Talking About the Debate That “Bored” Him

Sam Harris has a new podcast (“A Conversation with Jonathan Haidt”) explaining why he refuses to post his 4-hour debate with Omer Aziz.  Harris continues to come across as someone who is a) deeply obsessed with his ego and b) is … Continue reading

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Sam Harris vs. The Regressive Left

When you consider the battles between Sam Harris and the Regressive Left, it occurs to me that neither side has the moral high ground.  Now, I’m not very familiar with Harris’s anti-Islam writings.  But I do know that when it … Continue reading

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More Creepy Behavior from Sam Harris

Omer Aziz wrote an essay critical of Sam Harris, so Harris decided to use his podcast to cross-examine Aziz. Aziz agreed and subjected himself to a 4 hour scolding. Then, Harris decided he wasn’t going to post the podcast. So … Continue reading

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