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Physicist Sean Carroll Misrepresents Science

Several years ago, physicist Sean Carroll laid out his core argument for the “incompatibility” of science and religion: The reason why science and religion are actually incompatible is that, in the real world, they reach incompatible conclusions. It’s worth noting … Continue reading

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New Atheism Embraced Pseudoscience

Darrel Ray is the atheist activist who wrote a book likening religion to a disease.  He is one of those polyamorous Social Justice Atheists who is obsessed with sex.  In 2011, he did a survey about atheists and, you guessed … Continue reading

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Sam Harris, Meditation, and Science

Atheist activists promote Sam Harris as one “of the world’s most respected scientists” who “celebrates science” by discussing “How do we become more scientifically literate?” and “How can we better educate society to value skepticism over faith?” The notion that … Continue reading

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Should Darwin Day Instead Be George Washington Carver Day?

This is the time of the year when American politicians want the American government to officially designate February 12th as “Darwin Day.” Rep. James Himes [D-CT-4] has proposed this in House Resolution 699: Supports the designation of Darwin Day. Recognizes Charles … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne: Mighty Slayer of Straw Men

Another scientist, this time physicist Tom McLeish, has argued against the notion that science and religion are incompatible.  And sure enough, activist Jerry Coyne is again unnerved and feels the need to fire off a rapid response. But before looking … Continue reading

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More Confused Thinking About Science and Religion

Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel wrote an article showing that religion and science are compatible and, as you might guess, this unnerved atheist activist Jerry Coyne. In his attempt to rescue the misguided notion that science and religion are incompatible, Jerry Coyne … Continue reading

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Atheists and Science

Jerry Coyne is once again complaining that his readers don’t seem to care all that much for his science postings.  He spends significant time writing up some blog posting about a scientific finding and gets only a small handful of … Continue reading

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He Lives is Back

There are some good blog postings over at the He Lives blog. In Science v. Science+, David exposes a core problem with the “science and religion are incompatible” talking point that is so commonly embraced by New Atheists.   It turns … Continue reading

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Is “White Privilege” Just a Category Error?

I have shown how the “White Privilege Checklist” that was handed out by a science professor in a science classroom is fundamentally flawed: you’ll notice a common theme among many – living among the majority is considered as “privilege.” Take … Continue reading

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The Universe as a Hologram?

Here is an excerpt from a recent essay entitled, “The Basis of the Universe May Not Be Energy or Matter but Information“: Wheeler said the universe had three parts: First, “Everything is Particles,” second, “Everything is Fields,” and third, “Everything … Continue reading

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