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Public Health Scientists Losing Credibility

From the NYT: As the pandemic took hold, most epidemiologists have had clear proscriptions in fighting it: No students in classrooms, no in-person religious services, no visits to sick relatives in hospitals, no large public gatherings. So when conservative anti-lockdown … Continue reading

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Did Science Cause the Pandemic?

Can’t say for sure, but it’s starting to look like the coronvirus pandemic could have been caused by incompetence in a scientific lab.  Consider this Washington Post story: In January 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing took the unusual step … Continue reading

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God of the Gaps Atheism

The militant atheist movement is built on the belief that there is no evidence for God. Of course, such atheists are entitled to their opinions on this matter, but because of their militancy, and the way it serves their agenda, … Continue reading

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Defeating Sam Harris’s Argument about Science and Religion

I thought I would take some time to look at some of the “classic” New Atheist essays where they assert the incompatibility of science and religion. Today, I will look at Sam Harris’s essay, “Science Must Destroy Religion.” Harris quickly … Continue reading

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Science and the Resurrection Belief are Not Incompatible

A common talking point in the New Atheist community is the assertion that the resurrection of Jesus contradicts science and thus must be wrong. Yet this argument is seriously misguided, as it depends on a faulty understanding of both science … Continue reading

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Why There Are Only Two Sexes

From the biological perspective, human beings conform to the binary pattern of male and female.  This binary pattern runs so deep that it reflects itself in the fact that each one of us is made up of cells that have … Continue reading

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There Are Two Biological Sexes

We’ve seen the pseudoscientic essence of Bill Nye’s supposed spectrum of biological sexes.  Let’s take it a step further and consider this web article’s claim that there are 6 biological sexes: We know, without question, that humans are not just born … Continue reading

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Bill Nye’s Pseudoscientific ‘Abacus of Sex’

Here’s a video from a year ago of Bill Nye peddling social justice ideology as science: At about 30 seconds into the video, he tells his audience that we” used to think” there were only two settings – male and … Continue reading

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Social Justice: Then and Now

One of the ways you can tell social justice activists/advocates are anti-science is the way they completely and willfully ignore evidence that runs contrary to their narrative.  For example, not too long ago, they were saying things like this: United … Continue reading

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Shaun King: An Activist Demonstrates the Incompatibility of Activism and Science

It’s been a very busy summer for me, so I’m just catching up on some of the performances from the social justice activists over the last few months.  Back in May 2018, we had another social justice hoax. This one … Continue reading

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