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Dumbing Down Science

Surprise! Jerry Coyne becomes Steven Pinker’s cheerleader: I implore my readers to go through this four-page piece. In fact, I’ll say it’s required reading for this website……Read it now! I am not often a fanboy, but really, I find nothing … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker’s Subtle Attack on Science

Steven Pinker relies on some rather impressive sleight of hand to defend his scientism. Like most advocates of scientism, he postures as if he is merely defending science when he wants to defend the extreme views of scientism. He is … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker on Francis Collins

Four years and four days ago to this date, Steven Pinker publicly opposed the nomination of Francis Collins to head the NIH. Let’s take a look at how Pinker rationalized his position. Pinker wrote: I have serious misgivings about Francis … Continue reading

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The Argument is as Bad as Ever

Jerry Coyne is once again promoting Maarten Boudry’s notions that miracles can be part of science and “God did it!” can be a true scientific explanation.  We’ve already seen the many serious flaws in Boudry’s arguments, nevertheless, let’s survey this … Continue reading

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Boudry’s Argument Flames Out

Maarten Boudry, Stefaan Blancke, and  Johan Braeckman recently published an on-line article entitled, Grist to the mill of ID creationism: the failed strategy of ruling the supernatural out of science by philosophical fiat.    The article comes across as a glorified … Continue reading

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Science has shown New Atheism to be militant

Scientist Jerry Coyne defines science as nothing more than a “combination of empirical observation, reason, and (usually) replicated observation and prediction that investigates what exists in the universe.” Now, I have used reason and evidence to investigate whether or not … Continue reading

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Sneaky Scientism

I have found it to be invariably true that those who champion scientism do so with some rather sneaky sleight of hand.  Let me illustrate with an actual example from Jerry Coyne.  He starts with one definition of science: I’m … Continue reading

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Imagine you knew someone who was truly enthralled with aspirin, so much so that they constantly advocated aspirin as a wonder drug capable of treating all illnesses.  You could agree that aspirin has been very helpful to humanity, where it … Continue reading

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Scientism Under the Microscope

Austin L. Hughes is Carolina Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina. He has written an excellent essay entitled, The Folly of Scientism. He begins by noting: When I decided on a scientific career, one of … Continue reading

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