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Social Justice Determinists

As I have argued before, atheistic determinism and social justice ideology complement each other very well.  Thus, it is rather amusing to watch a hardcore determinist like Jerry Coyne engage in his constant battles with various social justice atheists and … Continue reading

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Social Justice Laughs

Activist Jerry Coyne points to an example where a book which received a positive prepublication review had the review downgraded because of complaints from the social justice crowd.  Here’s a brief description of the book: The setting is the Midwestern … Continue reading

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The Healing Profession?

Lisa Marchiano is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and recently wrote an article about transgenderism that you can read here. Included in her analysis is the story of a young woman with a history of mental health problems who spent … Continue reading

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Always the Victim

Apparently I missed this over the summer, but the twitter storm by trans activist Zinnia Jones provoked a backlash that then allowed the activist to posture as The Misunderstood Victim.  Noah Berlatsky offered up a softball interview of Jones and … Continue reading

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Transgender Madness

Did you know that if you are a straight man, and don’t want to have sex with a trans “woman,” you are transphobic?  That’s what transgender activist Zinnia Jones wants us to believe: Well, one transgender activist insists that straight … Continue reading

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Postmodern Crazy Town

The social justice atheists continue their descent into insanity.   First, hyperfeminist Aki Muthali has gotten into a tweeting flame war with Punchin’ Dan Arel.  Arel is defending the transgender activist who physically assaulted a woman and Muthali is accusing him … Continue reading

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Transgender Activists Advocate Violence Against Women

Just another example of social justice activists at each others’ throats: A transgender campaign group defended an activist who attacked a 60-year-old by comparing the ‘radical feminists’ who question their views to ‘Nazis’. Members of the Action for Trans Health … Continue reading

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Another Atheist Activist Advocates for Violence

To further illustrate the intellectual weakness of the social justice atheism, yet another such activist, PZ Myers, has come out in support of “punching nazis”: I approve of Nazi-punching. I know, it’s violent action, but when you’re dealing with people … Continue reading

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Is “White Privilege” Just a Category Error?

I have shown how the “White Privilege Checklist” that was handed out by a science professor in a science classroom is fundamentally flawed: you’ll notice a common theme among many – living among the majority is considered as “privilege.” Take … Continue reading

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So I read this story about another sociology professor trying to indoctrinate students into the notion of “White Privilege.” Notice the checklist:

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